Each Saturday, I’m sharing some of my writing samples from the week. I cover a range of topics. In some cases, I’m working on weekly or monthly assignments. In other cases, I’m covering the breaking news that’s happening in the world of TV and movies.

The only samples I can’t share are those where I’ve been ghostwriting. It would go against the terms of the contract, and it’s not like the content is under my byline anyway. However, some of the content I’ve ghostwritten this week includes topics on home decor, bug infestations, and weddings.

Here’s a look at some of the samples that I can share between Jan. 12 and 18.

Work at home mom tips

I’ve done some blogging that focuses on tips for work at home moms. These have been linked to time management and spending more time with the family.

5 tips to make your new habits stick as a work at home mom

5 tips to gain a work-life balance as a work at home mom

Blogging tips

When it comes to bloggers, I offer tips on a weekly basis. I want other writers to make money doing something they love. This week, I focused on motivation and on writing at content mills.

How to stay motivated as a freelance writer

Why you need to stop writing at content mills

Entertainment posts

Every week, I write a large amount in the entertainment niche. Recently, the Supernatural site that I built was merged with another website to consolidate content and to prepare for the end of the series. All content is now on Hidden Remote. I haven’t written too much about the show since the move, but I did break down an appa-teaser.

5 takeaways from the Supernatural Drowning promo

Outlander is the show I cover the most. There’s also been coverage on the books, as there was some misinformation spreading throughout the week. Here’s just a sampling of the many posts I wrote.

Outlander brings new promo to STARZ TCAs

Sasnak City 2020: Tips to help you decide on the right ticket tier for you

Could Jamie change the future even if he wanted to on Outlander?

Across Hidden RemoteAmazon Adviser, and Precinct TV, I’ve had the opportunity to break down some of the news from the TCAs, cover promos, and share thoughts on the ratings of various episodes. Here’s a sampling of my writing from the various sites.

Chicago Fire: Boden proves you can teach an old dog new tricks

3 major takeaways from the Manifest Season 2, Episode 3 promo

NCIS drops to series low but not in danger

New Year’s Resolutions: FBI: Most Wanted needs to keep the understanding lead

Jack Ryan gets another showrunner change

Lord of the Rings: Amazon officially confirms cast for first season

I haven’t posted anything on Netflix Life this week yet. However, I had done plenty of editing. That’s what I spend a lot of my weekends doing on Netflix Life and Hidden Remote.

Hopefully, showing you my writing samples gives you the confidence to order from me. Like what you see? Get in touch to talk about your projects.

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