It’s time to start keeping my writing portfolio updated. One thing I’ve decided to do with this blog is to give you a list of places you can find me each week. After all, you’ll want to see what I can do on the niches I write within. This was something I decided to do late last night, which is why there wasn’t an update. However, from now on, I’ll bring a weekly update on a Tuesday, showcasing the biggest work I’ve done.

Between Feb. 10 and 17, most of my work was in the Entertainment niche. I write a lot about TV and movie news, including release dates, streaming times, and features about particular TV show episodes or storylines. Speculation or explanation posts tend to be my more popular options.

The posts I’m sharing are ones that gained at least 3,000 views within the first 24 hours of being published. They continued to pull in views throughout the week and still pull them in now. I’ll split the posts by website to make things easier to track. You can also then head directly to my bio pages on the websites to see more content that I write.

Hidden Remote

HIdden Remote is the site I’m the most prolific and where my writing gets the most views. I do a lot of interviews on the site, mostly sticking to shows like Deadly ClassThe MagiciansCharmedGrey’s Anatomy, NCIS, and Game of Thrones.

Deadly Class interviews

I did three interviews for after the Vegas episode of the comic adaptation. All three are full of spoilers if you are still to watch Episode 5 of the series. I just like to give that warning!

The WriteLife Planner

Other posts

Game of Thrones content is always popular and Season 8 is almost here. There are images and teasers being released in the run-up to April. I picked out one image and turned it into a speculation piece about what it means for a particular character.

There was also plenty of Valentine’s Day content to write. One of those was a quick feature about love triangles and how they’ve become overused. The other was a longer slideshow that is designed to be an evergreen post while timely with current Grey’s Anatomy storylines.

SPN Hunters & Claire and Jamie

There are two sites where I focus on one particular show each. At SPN Huntersit’s all about Supernatural on The CW. At Claire and Jamie, I write about Outlander (and include some book content). I don’t write as much at these sites as I do at Hidden Remote and some of the content is designated “utility” content when the shows are on air.

I do get a chance to go into a lot of speculation and theories, while also delving into the history and lore surrounding the shows. Here is a selection of posts from this week.

Writing samples for Alexandria Ingham

Amazon Adviser

Amazon Adviser is a place about, well, Amazon. I cover the Amazon Prime Originals, content coming to Amazon Channels, and even about shopping and books. The topic is huge, so it’s one that I’m slowly building up on this site. This week, I had the chance to share top shows and movies to watch between Feb. 18 and 22, the best moments in the CBS comedy Fam, and about why I don’t regret binge-watching American Gods.

From this point, I’ll bring more posts that I’ve done throughout the week. I’m starting to build a lifestyle blog from scratch within the next month or so, and those posts will make it to these weekly topics. For now, it is going to be Entertainment, as that’s where my current work takes me.

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