When you’re looking to hire a freelance blogger, you will likely come across two types. One type will have the writing experience, while the other will have the technical or job-related experience.

Yes, there are certainly bloggers out there who have experience in both, but the experience of one will usually outweigh the experience in the other.

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Don’t get frustrated when choosing the right freelance blogger for you.
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The question you will be asking right now is which one of those experiences is better for a freelance blogger? Like many questions I put up here, it really does depend on the situation.

The Writing Experience Benefit

When freelance bloggers for hire have the writing experience, you will find someone who knows more about the world of online writing. They’ll have the quality content, with good keyword research, and will be able to help promote the heck out of your content.

This experience is well worth paying for. Not only will you get content that people love to read, but you’ll get content that search engines love to rank highly. It’s the best of both worlds. You may even find a writer who can help in other ways of blogging, such as finding images and helping with social media.

While content may be king, great content is God.

But you’re missing the technical experience

Of course, those with the writing experience aren’t necessarily going to have the experience within your industry. They may not understand certain technical terms, or may get formulas jumbled up (depending on your industry).

Let’s take wedding blogging for instance. While I have the writing experience, I don’t have experience as a wedding planner. Does that mean I’m not the right blogger for your needs? Well, what I lack in experience, I make up for in enthusiasm and ability to research. I’ve also been married, so I know what it takes to plan a wedding as a layman.

The only industries I can see lack of technical experience being difficult is any that involve technical terms or legal requirements. I don’t touch Legal, Medical, or Science topics because I don’t believe I’m qualified enough.

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The Technical Experience Benefits

Technical content has technical terms. You’ll need a writer with a knowledge of the jargon.

This will also be someone you can discuss the needs with without having to break down all the terms. You can actually have a quick conversation, and know the writer understands your needs.

The problem with writers with technical experience is they may not necessary have writing experience to create good quality content. They can also have too much experience to turn the technical terms into layman’s terms, making your content easy to read for your audience.

You may also find a writer who’s English writing skills are subpar, regardless of whether they’re a Native English speaker or not! The poor standard of writing not only takes the focus away from the content for the reader, but it also means your content will suffer in search engines.

Freelance Bloggers Will Do Their Research

Professional freelance bloggers will make sure they do their research. They may have no professional experience, but they can get interviews with others in the industry and will ask questions to make sure they are on track with the terms. You can even discuss this problem with them before hiring them.

Those that cannot handle such work should be upfront and honest about that. I certainly am when it comes to topics that I’m just not comfortable or capable of writing.

All freelance bloggers have their limitations—for some it’s science and for others it’s weddings!

What type of experience does your freelance blogger need?

Finding the Best of Both Worlds

It is often much easier for the highly technical topics to find someone who has experience in both. You can find someone who understands the terminologies, and who will be able to craft simple to understand and creative pieces.

These freelance bloggers are sometimes harder to find, but you can start with terms like “science freelance blogger” or “technology freelance blogger” or whatever your industry is.

You will likely pay more, but remember you are getting two experiences in one! These writers are definitely worth that extra cost.

In the end it really does depend on your industry and needs. A professional freelance blogger will be able to take most subjects and create something compelling, interesting, informative and factual. However, there are times that you simply need the technical experience. Make your decision and then start your research.

Are you struggling to find the right freelance blogger for hire? Share your troubles in the comments below and let’s find someone who can help you!

Note: This content was originally published on June 24, 2014. It was updated on May 30, 2017.

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