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Many people want to know how writers come up with fresh ideas. It seems like bloggers are constantly creating content, and it’s fresh, new and exciting.

Well, the great bloggers do that.

You want a great blogger, but you may want to know that secret. It could help you come up with topics to suggest and may even help you start writing some content yourself.

Here are my secrets for coming up with fresh writing ideas.

What Are Others Writing About?

Most writers come up with fresh ideas by seeing what others are writing about. Then they take that idea and turn it on their heads. They look for that angle that no-one else has covered, or that question that people have forgotten to answer.

If people are writing about it, others want to read it. That’s great for bloggers and writers. The trick now is to find something new, interest and unique. Reading through other people’s blog posts really is the best way to do that. There’s always something new.

What’s Old on the Blog?

Instead of looking at other people’s content, some bloggers will look over their previously written content. Especially something written over a year ago.

That information is more than likely still relevant, depending on your subject. Great bloggers will then find a new way to telling the story or new information. The content is repurposed, but it looks just like new.

What About Instant Ideas?

Yes, ideas hit writers when they least expect them. For example, I had this week all planned out and then an idea for a story hit me. It’s one that I’ve written notes about for later.

Great writers will take those spur of the moment ideas and jot them down. They may not necessarily be used right away. I’ve got ideas that are still sitting on my computer from two years ago. One day I’ll get around to them, but they’re there for when I need the inspiration.

What Do People Want to Know?

Many writers come up with fresh ideas by finding out what people want to know. It could be a question as a comment on another blog post, or something that has come up on social media.

This is a great way to come up with new writing ideas. They’re questions that people want to know the answer to. And if one person wants the answer, many others will, too.

I had people asking me for more information about a topic that was covering in September. I ended up using the questions as blog posts this month because people wanted to know more.

So, are you ready? Writers come up with fresh ideas in all sorts of ways, and every writer is different. Those are just ways that I come up with some of my fresh writing ideas.

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