take time off from your businessYou’re reading this post while I’m enjoying some time off from my business. How are you doing that? Well, I planned ahead and scheduled some posts to go live for you to enjoy.

You see, I really needed some time off. It’s something that I believe all business owners should do. When you take time off from your business, you do more than get a vacation. Here are three benefits you’ll gain.

Your Mind Recharges

The mind and body go through a lot when you’re working, especially when running your own business. I know!

You have a lot of decisions to make, work to do and marketing to think about. By the end of the working week, you’ll be looking forward to a day off that isn’t quite a day off. No matter how much you try, there are situations that arise and things you have to deal with.

When you take time off from your business, you can shut down your emails and turn off notifications. You can even turn your phone off, like I’ll be doing over the next week.

You give your mind and body the chance to recharge. They really do need it if you want to stay sane and healthy. You don’t even need to go anywhere; just have a week off every so often!

You Catch Up on Sleep

How many hours have you put into your business lately? With running this business and doing a largely commission based second job, I have a lot of work to do throughout the week. I sometimes don’t go to bed until 2am and will be back up for work at 6am the next day.

It’s not good for the mind or body. You need to sleep, otherwise you end up run down and hormonal. Yes, even men can get hormonal!

When you take some time off, you get to sleep. It could be naps during the day or just getting that lie in that you’ve been promising yourself for some time.

If you plan well enough in advance, you won’t have that much extra work to do when you get back to your desk.

You Avoid Burnout

Burnout is a serious problem. I’ve suffered from it in the past, and it’s meant that I’ve lost out on clients and struggled to find the joy in writing. That was when I used to work seven days a week without taking time off. Ever.

Now I always have at least two weeks off during the year; one at Christmas and one during the summer. I’ll try to get a third week in there somewhere. The last two years, that third week was to volunteer at a camp but this year I’m actually getting a vacation.

Burnout happens to people working in all industries. You start to lose the will to work, and nothing seems enjoyable anymore. It’s a sign that your body and mind need to recharge.

Don’t be afraid to give them what they need. Pre-empt the potential burnout by taking some needed time off and don’t forget your days off!

If you plan ahead, your business won’t suffer. I took nine months off after having my daughter, but I managed to come back to clients, because I planned ahead and used some days in the run up to going back to work to get clients back/find new clients. Now I take the single weeks off here and then, and just make sure regular clients know. I’ll also set up email alerts so new potential clients know that I’m away.

You really do need to take time off from your business. It will make you a better business owner in the future.

Do you take time off from your business regularly? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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