I hired a blogger for my content writing needs. After publishing, I sent the link to the post, but now my blogger for hire isn’t promoting my content. Why is this? Shouldn’t she be getting the content out there? How can I get her to promote my content and help my business?

This is a common question for businesses when they hire a blogger. They don’t just need help with the writing of their content, but they need help to get it out there to build their customer base.

That’s why you want to start article marketing and blogging, right?

Why Isn’t My Blogger for Hire Promoting My Content?So, now you’ve got your blogger and she’s written your content. It’s all published and ready to be shared. But this is where you’re stumbling. Your blogger hasn’t done anything. You may have even asked her to share the content, but she’s not popped it up on her personal or business channels yet.

Before you can complain to your blogger, you need to answer these following questions.

Did You Hire Your Blogger for Promotion Too?

When you talked to your blogger for hire about your project, did it involve some social media promotion? Was that what the quote give included?

If it did, then you need to discuss this with your blogger. Find out why she isn’t holding up her end of the bargain. You may even be able to take steps to recoup some of the money spent on your blogging because of the broken contract.

Where it wasn’t part of the original contract, you can’t force your blogger to promote your content. This would be an extra. As you get to know your blogger more, you may find that she decides to share content  that she’s written for you.

Is the Content Ghostwritten?

When it comes to ghostwriting, there is an issue with bloggers not knowing whether to share something or not. If it wasn’t discussed in the first place, your blogger may decide not to share at all. She can’t use it for her own samples and can’t tell her followers that she wrote it.

She would need another reason to share the content. This will depend on your niche and the interests of the blogger’s followers. If the content would be of use or of interest then the blogger may share without being asked.

When the content has the blogger’s name on it, she will be more likely to share. She may even link to it from her own site to share as samples of her work.

Have You Asked Your Blogger for Hire to Share It?

Your blogger for hire may not realise that you would like the content to be shared. This is often the case with ghostwriting. The blogger does the hard work and the blog owner takes all the credit. Some bloggers will keep the relationship like that and keep the work off their own social media pages out of respect.

If you would like your content to be shared, you can simply ask. There’s nothing wrong with sending the link and asking the blogger if she’d mind sharing it.

Don’t expect her to do the sharing, though. As mentioned above, the content may not work for her followers. There’s no point sharing something that doesn’t interest them.

Your blogger for hire has one main job: to write the content. If that contract doesn’t involve any social media sharing, you can’t expect your blogger to do it. But if it is in the contract, you need to have a conversation about why the contract isn’t being met in full. Only your blogger for hire can explain that.

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