For a couple of weeks, I had to take time of writing due to illness. But, I’ve picked everything back up from Feb. 8. Where would you have seen me writing this week?

As usual, I had some work for private clients. This is ghostwriting work, so I can’t share the actual samples. However, the topics I’ve covered have included window blinds, dentistry, and wildfires.

What about the samples I can share? There’s plenty where that came from. And from next week, I’ll have more as I’ve added a new client to the list.

Building up to the Outlander premiere

You’ll see that a lot of my content in recent weeks have been from the same website. I do write 350+ articles per month for specific sites. They’re all in the entertainment niche, and I absolutely adore them. However, I’m also taking on more editing work, which does mean I get to cut back on some of the writing.

With the Outlander Season 5 premiere on Feb. 16, I’ve spent time building up the release. Content has focused on the promotion the show has done, theories of events that could happen, and the most recent sneak peek. Here’s a selection of Outlander content:

5 most romantic Lord John Grey quotes from Outlander

Outlander Season 5 sneak peek: Roger and Brianna’s wedding

Why Brianna’s wedding is so emotional for Claire on Outlander

Outlander Season 5, Episode 1 synopsis: The Fiery Cross

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Other entertainment pieces

I’ve also covered shows like NCISFBI: Most Wanted, and Locke and Key. Some of this content will have spoilers if you’re still planning on watching the shows, but you’ll get a sense of the range of features that I can write.

Criminal Minds: What happened to Rossi in the woods

Who sent Jack the Valentine’s chocolates in NCIS?

The Bachelor spoilers: Who will Peter choose?

The Masked Singer Season 3: Who are Turtle, White Tiger, and Kangaroo?

Amazon renews Bosch for seventh and final season

Locke and Key Season 1 ending explained

Valentine’s Day content

With last week being all about Valentine’s Day, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that I wrote some content linked to the day. These included suggestions of shows and movies to watch with your significant other and the top 10 couples on Netflix.

10 best couples on Netflix

5 movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video on Valentine’s Day 2020

Work at home moms and blogging

While I was ill, content on my own blogs took a step back. However, that’s changed this week as I’ve got back on the writing train. These are the posts you could find this week.

5 tips for applying to any writing site

How do revenue share sites make money?

Why all work at home moms need working hours

Don’t feel bad for taking time off when you’re ill

I hope that the content above gives you a good idea of my writing abilities. The topics range considerably, especially when including the ghostwriting that I do. If you need content and you want to hire me, check out my services page or get in touch.

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