There are times as a blog owner that I believe you should write your own content. I know this goes against the point of you hiring me as your blogger, but let me just explain why I say this. There are certainly types of content that really will be best coming from you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t hire a blogger at all or that you can’t hire a blogger afterwards. You could write your content as a draft, for the blogger to proofread and edit to make it work for exactly for your audience.

Here’s a look at when you should write your own content for your blog.

write your own content

When It’s a Personal Story

While your blogger may be good, they aren’t going to get the emotions for a personal story just right. This is something only you can share.

Personal stories come from the heart. They come from memories put on paper, whether through feelings, experiences, or beliefs. Your blogger just won’t be able to capture them.

But your blogger for hire could adapt your story to make it stand out more. A good blogger will be able to keep the emotional element in, but make it all stand out for the reader. The reader will feel like they’re learning directly from you and not the person you have developing content from your blog.

Personal stories and experiences will connect well with your audience. They will help your audience learn more about you and develop a relationship, making it more likely that they buy from you later.

When You’ve Already Created Your Own Content

If you’ve developed a relationship with your audience through your blog posts, you may want to consider creating the content yourself in the future. Your audience is used to your voice and your method of storytelling.

They’ve built a relationship with YOU.

When you hire a blogger, you run the risk of ruining that relationship. Your blogger may have their own voice or style, and your audience realizes that they’re talking to someone else. The problem is they don’t know whose voice was the real one.

However, you can hire a blogger but will need to make sure the voice sounds the same. This takes time and you may struggle, especially if you go through an agency—you run the risk of getting multiple writers and never the same voice.

When You’re in an Extremely Technical Industry

Do you have a lot of jargon in your content? Is this jargon necessary for your readers?

If so, you may want to write your own content. It can be difficult to find a blogger who understand the jargon completely.

I say difficult, because it won’t be impossible. There are bloggers in all types of fields to take the effort away from you. However, you will likely need to spend a larger budget on outsourcing. The knowledge and experience really will come with a price.

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When You Don’t Have the Blogger Budget

Are you just starting out without much of a budget in the way of paying bloggers? You may want to consider writing your own content first. It’s better than wasting time looking for good bloggers who are unwilling to write for little (and sometimes free).

Think about it. You wouldn’t want to write for less than your rate, would you? The blogger doesn’t know who you are or whether your niche and business will gain success. They only have your word and that isn’t necessarily enough.

The ones who will take the risk are those who are extremely new to blogging. They may not have the skills to create amazing content that your blog needs. You’re left wasting your time and money.

So to start, you may want to create your own content. As you build up your blogger budget, you can start looking at outsourcing.

Write Your Own Content or Outsource?

Now it’s up to you. Only you can decide whether you should write your own content or outsource it to a blogger for hire. There are a few instances where blogging yourself is going to work out better. That doesn’t mean you have to put up your own draft online. You can always hire someone to proofread and edit instead (and then manage the behind the scenes element) so you can get your emotions out but make sure the content looks professional.

Do you want to hire a blogger? I’m available for all your blogging needs, including turning your personally written content into something readable and attention-grabbing.

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