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Don’t fall for the writing scams.
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Unfortunately there are scams for everyone out there. Those looking for content writers and freelance bloggers need to look out for writing scams. With some research, you will avoid these and find a blogger or writer you can trust.

Here are some of the common signs that a blogger or writer is a scam artist.

They Have No Samples

This is a major warning sign. Not only could it show signs of the writer being a scammer but you have no idea about the quality of the writing. And that is a must!

If there are no samples on the website, ask the writer for some. Never expect custom written samples without paying, but you can expect samples of previously written work. They may not be in the exact same niche but they show writing style and capabilities.

Be aware of writers who say they cannot share samples due to copyright issues. There will always be some type of sample available, even if it is a blog post or a piece of content purposely written for showing samples.

If you get a gut feeling that this is one of those writing scams, do a search online for the content shared. Writers who have previously published samples will share where those samples are published and it will be under their name. Scam artists may use other people’s work as their own.

No Terms of Service or Contract

Watch out for writers who don’t work with a contract or have a terms of service on their site. This should cover things like who owns the copyright afterwards or whether licenses are passed onto you. It should also cover a deadline.

Those who work without a contract could just take the money and run. You’ve paid a few hundred dollars for a month’s worth of work and then don’t receive anything to show for it.

Those Who Keep Asking for More

The content is taking longer than the writer expected, so they ask for more money to cover their time.

This is one of the writing scams to look out for. Professional writers have a good idea of how long content and research takes. If they under estimate they will do the work and take the hit. The next time they will tell you that it took longer initially so the rate has to increase.

Scam artists tend to drag the project out to take more money off you as possible. You don’t deserve that happening to you.

When Your Gut Tells You So

Your gut is screaming at you not to trust a certain freelance blogger. You’re not sure why, but something just doesn’t feel right.

Guess what? Trust your gut. It’s usually right.

It’s really just best to find a different blogger and stay away from potential writing scams. There are plenty of great freelance bloggers out there.

Are you ready to find legitimate freelance bloggers? It’s time to do your research because there are some out there.

Do you have any freelance blogging nightmares that you want to share? Have you previously fallen for writing scams? Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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