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Could residual income sites be the way to find freelance bloggers?
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One way to find writers and bloggers is to check out the places they haunt. This isn’t always the content mills and bidding sites. Many freelance writers will want to make residual income, and some use third-party websites for that reason.

These can be great ways to find freelance bloggers. In fact, that’s how a couple of clients have found me, and became clients. Before you do pick the first good writer you find on the residual income sites, there are a few considerations you need to make. Follow these tips to find freelance bloggers that are right for you.

Think About the Topics

What topics does the blogger choose to write on? In most cases, these third-party residual income sites allow them to try out different topics. They get to write on things that really interest them.

Do these topics suit your needs?

Maybe they write on weddings, and you’re really in the need for a wedding blogger. Maybe they cover a range of topics that you could need in the future.

Just because they don’t have something on your desired topic doesn’t mean they’re not worth the consideration, but you’ll need to keep in mind that they may have no interest in it. There are some topics that writers aren’t great at, no matter how much they try.

Strike Up a Conversation

You can’t just hire any blogger you find. You need to do some research and strike up a conversation with that blogger. It’s important to get to know them, and find out their skills. How long have they been writing, and do they really know how to help your blog succeed?

Some people are on residual income sites just because they can’t be bothered working out the technical details of setting up their own blog. Others do it because they are very new and have no idea about how the world of freelance writing and blogging works.

Many of the sites have a messaging system. You’ll be able to find out if the freelance bloggers you find have a website. That will allow you to check out other samples, and see if they really do this professionally.

Ask for the email address when you find freelance bloggers that look promising. This really helps with striking up a conversation. Their Skype could also be useful.

What Reputation Does the Freelance Blogger Have?

Always look into information about that particular freelance blogger. What type of reputation does he or she have? Is there even a reputation online?

You want to know more about the experience and the type of content the blogger focuses on. You need to know about other sites he or she writes at, and see the content at those sites.

This is also a chance to see if other clients have rated the blogger you find. How has the experience been for others?

You can find freelance bloggers on residual income sites. These website certainly give you an insight into the topics the writer likes to focus on, and the capabilities the writer has. However, don’t just go off the posts you find. Do your research when you find freelance bloggers through these third-party sites, and always get to know the person before hiring him or her.

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