Did you know there are different types of writing? I don’t mean different niches but different types of actual writing. They are created for difference audiences and different needs, with different outcomes in mind. Before you hire a freelance blogger, you need to know that one can handle all the types of writing you need.

Most freelance bloggers won’t stick to one type of writing. However, they won’t all focus on all types. I, for example, don’t do white papers and case studies. Sure, there’s money in it but I don’t have the experience to confidently offer the services. I know my limitations and also know the type of content I enjoy writing the most. Need sales content, web content, or blog posts, then I’m your gal.

The best way to know if a freelance blogger for hire can handle the types of writing you need is to email them. Here are five types of content that you may need other than basic blogging.

Please note: This post was originally written and posted on April 22, 2014. This is an updated version with new information added in.

Article Writing and Guest Posting

Article writing is a big part of content marketing. You may want to guest post on other people’s blogs, or create content for article directory sites. This type of writing is designed to help people, while creating a back link for your business needs.

Article writing is slightly different to blogging, and professional freelance bloggers will understand that. With a blog you can write in fragmented sentences, and use the first person. With articles, the third person is preferred, and professional English is a must.

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There are different levels of article writing and guest posting. You may have the contacts and want the blogger to create the content. However, you may want the blogger to do the contact research too. This is something you need to be upfront with the blogger about, because it will affect the project terms and pay.

As for guest posting, this is just as it sounds. You post as a guest on someone else’s blog. This helps you gain a backlink to your site and build your audience.

White Papers

White papers are traditionally government papers, but many businesses are now leaning towards them. They require a set type of expertise and understanding that not all freelance bloggers can do. I will be upfront right now and say this is one area of writing that I do not offer.

You really do want someone with experience when it comes to white papers. This is the best way to get the content you deserve for your money. Expect this type of content to cost more than many others due to the skill and expertise that goes into it.

Sales Copy and Squeeze Pages

Sales copy is a must. You could have a squeeze page for your eBook, or you may want to update the copy on your Amazon page. It takes a certain skill to create excellent sales copy, and not all freelance bloggers have it.

You’ll be able to get a good idea when you check the blogger’s hire me page. Does it draw you in? Answer questions you never thought you had? Tell you why you NEED their service?

Does it make you want to buy their services?

Most freelance bloggers will raise their prices for sales copy. This isn’t just due to the skill, but due to the type of content you’re asking them to write.

Types of Writing Freelance Bloggers Can Do

eBook Writing

Not all freelance bloggers will offer eBook writing, even if they’ve done their own eBooks. There’s a really good reason for this: they don’t want the hassle that goes into working on such a long project.

It can take a lot of time and effort to do this. And pricing it can be a daunting aspect for some.

It’s worth contacting any blogger about this type of project first. Don’t be put off if they say no to eBooks. That doesn’t mean they’re not a good writer. It’s just not something they can handle right now.

Essay and Academic Writing

There is a moral debate over this type of writing. It’s one where I’m on the side of against this type of writing, so I definitely don’t offer it. Here’s a piece about why you don’t want to hire someone to write your student essays.

Students around the world want help with their homework, essays, dissertations etc. You’ll be surprised at the type of subjects that are passed onto others. While it may be against schools’ rules, and even the law in some parts of the world, it does not stop people from hiring writers to do the work.

I’m not going to get into the moral debate, but you do need to ask the freelance bloggers about this. Some bloggers may even have it clearly stated on their website. If that’s the case, accept it and move on. You’re not going to get the writer to change his or her mind.

What type of writing do you need? You need to find the right person for you, and that means contacting them to ask for samples and find out whether they can help. Having an understanding of the type of content is best, that way you can jump straight to knowing whether your chosen freelance bloggers are up for the work.

Is there any type of writing I’ve missed off? Share the types of writing you’ve needed below and struggled to find writers for.

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