Trello has become my favourite task management tool. Not only do I use it for clients and my own blogging needs, but I also use Trello for task management for my freelancers.

I can use it to organise my own freelancing needs, such as my social media management needs and any VA needs. While I only minimally use Trello for these needs, it can be further developed.

Here’s how you can use Trello for task management when it involves your freelancers.

Trello for Task Management of Freelancers

Set Up Different Boards Per Project

Start by having your boards separating your projects. I know some people who separate by freelancer but this doesn’t always work. If you have multiple freelancers on a board, you end up with duplicating cards within the board. Or you have to invite freelancers into multiple boards and it can end up a little messy.

Organising by project keeps everything self contained. Okay, so there may be some freelancers who work on multiple projects, but you can create cards just once for the specific project needs.

I know one writer who outsourced her blogging. She opted for multiple team boards and those involved in certain team projects would be added to the teams.

Add Colour Coding for Each Freelancer/Task

If you have freelancers for blogging, social media, admin roles, and other tasks, you’ll want to make sure the right freelancers are drawn towards specific roles. Use colour coding for them.

You can have blue for all social media tasks and yellow for all blogging tasks. Your social media experts will know to look out for the blue tasks, while your bloggers know that yellow tasks are theirs.

This can take a while to get used to for your freelancers, but it will be useful after a while. You also know who is going to be responsible for certain tasks at a glance.

Image by Alexandria Ingham

Use Checklists for Freelancers to Mark Off Their Tasks

The checklist will allow you to create a section to mark off the tasks that need doing. It’s like a traditional to-do list and anyone can mark off the tasks.

Set one up on each card to make sure everything for the item is complete. For blogging, for example, you can have a list like:

  • Write blog post [writer name]
  • Add links [freelancer responsible]
  • Find and add images [freelancer responsible]
  • Create social media images [social media manager name]
  • Post content on site [blog owner/blogger name]
  • Promote across social media [social media manager name]

This is just an example of a checklist. It will depend on the type of tasks you have.

When someone is done with their task, it’s up to them to tick that the task is complete. Trello automatically strikes through the tasks that have been completed, and you’ll see a percentage of the amount done.

Set Deadlines and Turn on Calendar View

One of the power ups on Trello is called calendar view and it’s perfect for freelancer task management. You can set your deadlines on the card and then the cards are organised by date due.

This is best if you don’t have multiple lists within a board. This is why splitting everything up by project works extremely well. You can just pop one list up and set up your cards. You can turn off calendar view whenever you’d like.

The colour coding will still be visible when it comes to calendar view. That means those looking out for a particular colour will find it easier.

Trello for task management with calendar view

Image by Alexandria Ingham

It’s possible to set up stages in a project easily with calendar view. Everyone will see when certain tasks need to be completed by and when they will be required to check back into the board, especially if they’re the social media manager waiting for the content to be written.

You can come out of calendar view and go back into the list view extremely easily if you want. Your freelancers have the option of the type of view they would like to see on the board for easier task management.

Use Trello for task management, especially when you hire freelancers. I’ve found it the best tool for all my management needs, when hiring freelancers, as a freelancer, and for my own blog management.

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