Did you know your web host can make a huge difference between having a work/life balance and struggling to develop one? It really is true.

When I made the switch, I thought it was going to be a nightmare. I’d have to switch my blogs over and make sure everything was backed up just in case. It could have taken me hours. But in this latest SiteGround review, I want to look into why the company actually helped bring some balance to my work and life.

This really is my number one web host recommendation for anyone looking for a new host or to make a switch.

Web Hosting

SiteGround Handles It All for You

Whether you want to transfer your hosting or your domain name, SiteGround does all the hard work for you. This was a major plus point for me, since I know how long the technical side can take.

When I made the switch, I only lost a couple of days worth of blog posts and comments. It was nowhere near as bad as it could have been if I’d have done it myself or got someone else to tackle it all for me.

There was no need for me to understand anything as part of the switch. I didn’t need to spend hours researching how to do it. The first transfer was free and the rest were easily affordable.

The switch was also painless. I didn’t even notice that it had happened, until I realised that one of my blogs was back to running as normal—the whole reason for the switch was because loading the blog was taking 10x longer than it used to.

I’m sure there are other web hosts out there that offer the same service. Because I’ve never used them, I don’t want to comment on them. I’ve used SiteGround’s and feel confident recommending it for your web hosting needs to bring balance between work and life.

Tackles the WordPress Updates for You

This can sound lazy but I will say that there are some major benefits. WordPress has regular updates. I’m sure there was one week where I updated the software three or four times!

These updates tend to be important to fix bugs or security issues. I make sure that software always remains up to date.

I used to have to go through each site and run the update manually. Of course, I’d need to run a backup first just in case something happened. All this could take up half a day across my websites.

Now SiteGround does it all for me, something I shared in Monday’s review on how SiteGround helps to save me money. The company backs up the sites and pushes through all updates—giving me the option to opt out if I don’t want to run it. I really don’t have to do anything and will just have to check if there’s been a problem afterwards.

Web Hosting

Immediate Communication for All Issues

Communication is important for me when I work with or invest in a company. I want to know that I’m a valued customer. This is even more important when it comes to web host.

Put it this way: if there’s a problem with your website, your business will suffer. You need to know that your web host values you because that means the company values your business. It will work hard to get your website back online when there’s an issue.

While I haven’t had a problem with my website (yet…I expect issues now and then because tech isn’t perfect) I have had questions. These are small questions but they’re a good way to determine if a web host is good for communication. With SiteGround, I got a reply to all my questions within minutes.

Yes…minutes! I was expecting at least 24 hours, which was normal with my former web host. I don’t mind 24 hours. But minutes is amazing. Now I’m guessing this isn’t always going to be the case but it cemented the belief that SiteGround cares about its customers. This is good for business.

By replying quickly, I was able to get on with the tasks that I needed to do. That meant I could finish up for work sooner than expected and could spend more time with my family.

SiteGround Review

SiteGround Review Conclusion: Make the Switch Today!

As a business, you need a website and that means you need a web host. Yes, I believe you should have a self-hosted website and there are so many reasons for that. If you’re not with SiteGround, make the switch today. I highly recommend SiteGround to work on your work/life balance.

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