Last week, I spent a lot of time writing about Outlander and Supernatural, which tends to be the case most weeks. However, I also got the chance to share my biggest questions about Manifest, a show that I hope gets a second season. Between writing for clients and writing at FanSided sites, I haven’t had much chance to do much else. That’s going to change slightly in March but it does mean that where you’ve seen be writing last week would have mostly been at the FanSided sites.

Like last week, I’ll go through the sites one-by-one to share a few of my best pieces. These are either the ones that went viral or they are the ones that I’m most proud of creating, but you can always go to my bios on the sites to find out more about everything that I’ve written.

Hidden Remote

Manifest was my big topic for last week on Hidden Remote. However, I also looked back at 10 TV shows that are turning 10 this year, the major takeaways from the last Deadly Class episode, and a theory about Vikings Season 6. Another piece I’m proud of is sharing an exclusive clip for The Joker’s Wild.

Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro

Claire & Jamie and SPN Hunters

When it comes to the Outlander and Supernatural content, they’re split across two sites. I tend to write about four pieces a day on these sites, although I do have other writers whose content I edit. These are some of the bigger pieces that I’ve written this week.


Amazon Adviser

I’ve not written as much at Amazon Adviser as I usually do. This isn’t because of lack of commitment but because my team of writers has done more. And I’ve had work to do elsewhere. However, that’s going to change next week.

Read more: Where you saw me writing Feb. 10-17

Netflix Life

Finally, it’s over to Netflix Life, a site that is dedicated to Netflix content. I tend to do one big piece a week for the site with the odd smaller piece spaced out if there is news that breaks. That was the case this week, with my big piece linking to that piece of news. I also got the chance to share why Netflix should save one of my favorite genre shows, Wynonna Earp.

Next week, I’ll be back with more content that I’ve written during this week. It’s mostly been at the same sites again or writing for private clients. In March, I’m looking to change that as I focus on blogs in other niches.

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