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When is the right time for Christmas blog posts?
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Have you thought about hiring your blogger to do seasonal blog posts? Many businesses have.

They want to catch customers as they’re buying for Christmas, or remind them about the great deals for Valentine’s Day.

Seasonal blog posts can be great for making money, but you need to plan ahead with them. There’s no point sharing a Christmas blog post just days before the day. In fact, the month of December could be considered too late for Christmas related blog posts.

Plan Months in Advance

It’s worth thinking about Christmas posts in October. You really want them on your blog during November.

It seems early, but it will work to your advantage. You see, you’re catching people when they start searching for Christmas ideas. You also give your seasonal blog posts a chance to rank in Google, so people will be able to find you.

The same applies to other types of seasonal topics. Halloween is best thought about in August and September, while people will search for summer weight loss solutions as early as January every year.

You need to get your blogger for hire to write the posts as early as possible to get them up.

Plan for This Time Next Year

Another trick is to plan your posts and write for this time next year. This is great if you think of Christmas ideas during December, or you’re catching Halloween at the end of October.

Keep the posts almost evergreen. It could be through Halloween safety tips, or ideas for New Year parties. These are topics that people will search for year after year. The posts will keep coming up, once it gets to this time next year.

But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the sales articles.

Look Over Your Older Posts

When you do sales type articles or seasonal blog posts, you need to check on them regularly. You may find that your Christmas card gift ideas are no longer available on Amazon. You need to find new gift ideas to put in their place.

This can require a lot of work. It’s why some people refuse to do seasonal blog posts like this. However, you can hire your blogger to do all the changes and research for you.

Think about your seasonal blog posts if you really want to use them. Plan in advance and make sure your blogger for hire has the topics to write them for a few months time. Avoid posting at the last minute, but think about this time next year if you do.

Have you tried seasonal blog posts in the past? Share your experiences and the timing that you’ve found has worked.

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