Outsourcing on Fiverr is just one option available. While it can lead to cheap content or a cheap V.A., there are some downsides. I won’t get into them. Instead, I want to make sure you get the best possible experience from the site.

Outsourcing on Fiverr? Why You Need to Read the Gig DescriptionsI’ve sold on Fiverr in the past. I’ve got to say that there are some Buyers that I absolutely love. They’re thoughtful and willing to work with me to get the best type of content. They realise they are getting content at a heavily discounted price, and are respectful of that.

There are others who are ridiculously difficult to work with. They make getting information more painful than pulling teeth. I am not exaggerating. Others have no respect for the time it takes just to get some information and to do the work.

A lot of the problems come from people not reading the gig descriptions in the first place. If you’re outsourcing on Fiverr, make sure you go through all gig descriptions you find. I know this sounds obvious, but there are so many people who don’t.

Here’s why you need to read the gig descriptions before you place your order.

You’ll Find Out If the Seller Will Work Within Your Niche

As a writer, I choose the niches that I’m going to work in and those that I’m don’t want to do. My reasons vary for why I’m not going to do certain niches. Some of them I’m not comfortable with and others just take up far too much time for the discounted price I offer.

Everything I won’t do was always covered in my Fiverr gig description. I’d lay it out clearly to make sure it wasn’t confusing. Anything not on the list was usually something that I would do.

People would order looking for content in the niches that I’d said I wasn’t going to do. That told me that either:

  • The person hadn’t read my gig description
  • The person had read the description and thought it didn’t apply to them

It made one thing clear for me: this wasn’t going to be a Buyer I wanted to work with.

You’ll Find Out Any Special Instructions

The gig description on Fiverr is also the place for Sellers to put special requirements that they will need from those ordering. While there is an instructions section, this isn’t visible until after the order is placed and not everyone will have all the information to hand.

I would always make sure that the special information I would need was clear and simple on the gig description. If someone didn’t have the information after reading that, it was their own fault. It told me that they haven’t bothered reading through what they would need.

There may be disclaimers for the amount of research someone will do or for the amount of information someone needs. It’s best to find out all this to make sure you have everything your Seller could need when it comes to outsourcing.

You’ll See the Revision Policy

There is an issue with Buyers requesting revisions over and over again on Fiverr. If you go to the Forum you’ll read all about Buyers who have just continually wanted revisions, making more work for the Sellers.

Many Sellers have taken to only offering a certain number of revisions, with some refusing to do any for free unless it was their own fault. That was the line I always took when it came to Fiverr.

It’s worth checking for the revision policy stated on the gig. If you don’t see one, Sellers don’t really have a leg to stand on. Some will state that they offer unlimited revisions, while others will tell you what to do if you want a revision when it’s not offered. It’s better knowing ahead of time instead of getting your order and not knowing what your options are.

You’ll Find Out Where to Find Samples

You want to see a Seller’s capability when outsourcing on Fiverr. While this isn’t possible for all types of gigs, it is possible for the majority. And Sellers will be able to include samples on their gig pages.

The gig descriptions will usually tell you where to go for the samples. In some cases, you’ll need to get in touch with the individuals.

If you can’t find where to see samples, message the Seller politely. Not all will think about putting this on the description.

You’ll Find Out What to Expect When Outsourcing on Fiverr

One of the big things you’ll get from the gig description is what you can expect. This is the place where the Seller can detail absolutely anything. You’ll find out all about what you get for the basic $5 and the extra you will need to pay for more than the basic—yes, you may need to pay more depending on what you want!

The gig description may also give you an idea of the gig delivery time. This is usually stated elsewhere on the gig, so not every Fiverr Seller will indicate this on their site.

You should also find out more about the Seller. If the Seller is offering writing services, check for the spelling and grammar. If there are problems within the text, that doesn’t bode well for the product you’ll get at the end, for example.

What I Think When Someone Doesn’t Read Gig Descriptions

If I could tell that a Buyer hadn’t read my Fiverr gig description, I would instantly wonder why I should bother. Gig descriptions aren’t long—usually just over 1,000 characters max—so they don’t take that long to read through. My gig descriptions were always laid out in a way that made them easy to read through.

Not reading my description always told me that the Buyer just hadn’t bothered. The buyer was after a cheap product and didn’t really appreciate the time that it would take to create something.

If you don’t care about my basic requests, why should I care about yours? Would you if it was the other way around?

Most of the Buyers I had who didn’t read the gig descriptions turned out to be difficult to work with. They usually expected the world for their $5, and then complained when they weren’t going to get that.

Yes, Fiverr is a cheap place for outsourcing. You can get a lot of stuff done, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate the time and effort that it takes for someone to get through your work. Remember that there is another person on the other side of the computer. When outsourcing on Fiverr, be polite and read through the gig descriptions. If you then have questions, ask!

If you need someone reliable to outsource your writing to, don’t look at Fiverr. I can offer you excellent work at competitive rates. Those $5 gigs on Fiverr aren’t all worth your hard-earned money. Get in touch by email and I’ll be happy to help.

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