It’s all about time management on Thursdays. I shared last week that to get a work life balance, I’ve outsourced my social media marketing. As a blogger, that’s the part of my business that is commonly outsourced. But as a business owner in another industry, you will likely want to think about outsourcing blog writing.

You’ll have heard that 2016 was the year to start blogging. Content marketing is crucial in a business’ marketing strategy, but you need to do it consistently and you need to do it well.

It’s no secret that blog writing takes up a lot of time. Even if you’re a fast writer, you can find yourself bogged down with the technical side of things. So, in 2017, why not outsource your blog writing instead? It will save you a world of time and I’m not just saying that because I’m a blogger for hire.

I genuinely guarantee that you will gain hours in your day back by not doing your blogging or your content marketing.

Don’t believe me? Well, here are five ways that outsourcing blog writing will save you a world of time.

outsourcing blog writing to save time

No More Writing Out the Content

It can take some people days to write their content. My husband will write 100-200 words in the time that it takes me to type out 1000 words. That’s simply because I touch type and I’ve had plenty of practice.

Writing fast does come with practice, but you need time to develop that skill. If you don’t already have it, do you really have the time spare? Of course not! Isn’t that why you’re looking for ways to save time in business?

With a blogger for hire, you don’t need to write out the content anymore. Someone else will do it all for you. They’ll research the topic, find the facts, and do the hard part.

No Need to Think of Topics

The topic creation and title ideation can be the hardest parts for some business owners. You know you need something catchy that will work with your customers or clients.

Creating a blogging calendar takes time and effort. Even if you just do it for a week, you’ll spend around an hour to make sure it is just right for your audience.

Why not let your blogger for hire manage it all instead? Bloggers will be able to create the content calendar based on your ideas and insights into the business. All you have to do is share some of the common problems your customers have and let the blogger get to work.

You’ll soon find you have hours to spare for other parts of your business or to spend with your family.

No Need to Worry About Keyword Use

SEO is still powerful for ranking on search engines. You need to have the right keyword phrases, in the right places, and the right amount of times. It takes time to learn all the good tactics of SEO.

The great news is your blogger for hire will already know them. This is their job to learn them and stay on top of all the chances. Some will be better at it than others, so when outsourcing blog writing make sure you get one who knows at least the basics of SEO.

Without having to research and learn, you will find that your content goes further without you putting all the time into the business.

How to Get Clients Blogging

Image: Sark eMedia

No Need to Source Images

Image sourcing is another time consuming element. There are times that I wish I didn’t have to do it for my own blogs, but it is an important part. And then there are sourcing videos, creating social media friendly images, and creating infographics.

There’s no need to do it all yourself when you outsource your blog writing. Most bloggers will have a package to handle it all for you.

Do be upfront if you want this as part of your blogging package (the same applies to multiple external links). You’re not doing it, which means it’s time consuming for someone else. The time spent looking for images will need compensating for. I say this as a blogger who was once nearly caught out with this problem.

No Need to Track the Blogs

You could give the whole content marketing strategy over to your business. All you’ll need to do is check in now and then. Your blogger for hire will be able to track the blogs, the comments, and even the views. You may even find some bloggers willing to do the social media side of things.

Since you’re saving time, you’ll need to think about the time it takes your blogger. Compensate fairly because this is a major task.

Knowing your blogging numbers will help your blog writer. This will help determine the best type of content to create, the best times of day to post, and the types of headlines that perform well.

When outsourcing blog writing, you will definitely save a world of time. Now you just need to find a blogger for hire who will handle it all for you.

Do you need to hire a blogger? I’m here to help for all your content needs.

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