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There is a site that I offer my freelance writing services at a discounted price. It’s designed for quick work that people want done in a short space of time.

The problem with fixed pricing is that people still want to negotiate, even when it is already a low price. While some freelance bloggers for hire will accept this, there are certain ways to go around negotiating.

Recently, I ran into a potential client who wanted to negotiate prices. Well, I say negotiate loosely. The client was setting the price much lower than I’d set, and then proceeded to argue over the terms set in my fixed pricing.

Here is now not to negotiate on fixed pricing.

Do Not Low-Ball Offers

While you have a strict budget, don’t go in stating just how much you will pay for work and low-ball the original offer. It shows that you don’t value the work that the freelance blogger for hire does.

Writing isn’t the only thing a blogger does. There is research involved beforehand, and then the proofreading afterwards. There may be a couple of drafts to get your piece just right. Think about that time spent in creating content.

If you do need to negotiate a lower price, talk to the blogger nicely. Ask if there is the option to negotiate to your budget. Don’t just outright state that is all you are willing to pay.

Don’t Argue Over Terms Clearly Set

The freelance blogger has clearly set the terms for her writing. It is all there in black and white (or whatever color the website chooses to display content in). Read through it in detail.

I always have an UP TO part when I’m offering fixed pricing. It could be that you get UP TO 400 words for content writing, or your original document for rewriting may be UP TO 500 words. Whatever the offer I have at the time.

What does that mean if you have something that is over that UP TO amount? It means you need to pay extra. Don’t argue that you don’t need to because it is only a “little bit” over. Sure, 10 words or so over isn’t that bad, but 50, 60 or even 100 words over is a large amount for writing. It all takes extra time and bloggers deserve to be compensated for that.

Don’t Use Foul Language

There is no need for name-calling, offensive terms or foul language. It shows that you’re not the business person the freelance blogger for hire wants to work with. Even if you do eventually agree to the blogger’s terms, she won’t want to take your money. She just won’t want to deal with you, worrying about how you may act in the future.

Keep your communication professional. Yes, you may be upset that your negotiations have not been accepted, but that doesn’t mean you need to offend the freelance blogger. Especially one that has remained professional and courteous to you throughout the discussion.

When you do negotiate on fixed pricing, remain calm and respect the blogger for hire. Don’t just assume that your lower offer will be accepted. Ask if the blogger can match your budget and don’t argue on terms set in the fixed pricing when they are clearly there.

Act like a pain, and you will get a name as a PITA client. You don’t want that, do you?

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