You want to hire a wedding blogger to create content. Outsourcing is a powerful way to get more done in your business, but still take advantage of all forms of marketing.

Before you just hire anyone, you need to set your blogger budget. This is essential to make sure you can afford the content you need and outsource all the tasks you have. But what if a wedding blogger for hire isn’t within your budget? Can you negotiate with your wedding blogger to get a lower cost?

Of course you can! Like you probably find potential clients doing with you, negotiating is just part of business. It’s especially part of a business-to-business framework.

When someone comes to me asking for content, I expect them to negotiate me down. Yes, I’m actually telling you to negotiate! Most writers will quote slightly higher than their minimum, expecting to negotiate. If you’re happy with the higher price because you do value my work so much, then that’s great! I don’t think you’ve not got business sense; I will inwardly thank you for the value you’ve put on the content.

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But when you are negotiating with your wedding blogger for hire, you need to make sure you do it politely. There will be a line to draw on both sides. Here are my top tips to negotiate with your wedding blogger.

Start with a Maximum You Can Go To

Know your own maximum blogger budget. Any blogger for hire will have a minimum. Think about the amount you charge your wedding clients and the cost of equipment. Know the funds you have available for your marketing.

There’s no need to go over this maximum. However, you will need to remember that your maximum may not meet your potential blogger’s minimum. Don’t push for your blogger to lower the costs and don’t risk going too high for yourself. Consider reducing the amount of content you need until you have the minimum budget available.

Your blogger will be willing to work with you. They’ll work out what you can get for your budget.

Go Up in Reasonable Increments

If you want to pay $10 and your blogger wants you to pay $20, you will likely view $15 as the middle ground. Don’t go up to that first. Go up to $12.50 or so first. These small increments are realistic and respectful.

However, that $2.50 increment isn’t realistic if the blogger has quoted $30. You will then find a $5 increment is better.

This about the discrepancy between your wish and your blogger’s wish. Your blogger will be realistic in dropping increments with their minimum in mind.

Remain Polite at All Times

When your negotiate with your wedding blogger, don’t use insults. This will force your blogger to close down negotiations and tell you to find someone else.

Nobody deserves to be insulted. No-one deserves rudeness. You wouldn’t want it the other way, would you?

Of course not!

Remain polite throughout the negotiations. The budget may be too high or you may not think the cost is realistic, but there’s no need to insult. You don’t need to say everything on your mind. Just move on with some sort of statement that shows you are sorry for not having the budget at this time.

Ask About Ways to Take the Cost Down

Want to work with the wedding blogger but struggling with the budget? Don’t be afraid to ask about ways that the cost can be reduced. If you’ve been polite and friendly throughout negotiating with your wedding blogger, they’re more likely to accommodate you.

It may mean reducing the amount you ask for or you may need to forgo some of the social media promotion. One request may be that your wedding blogger gets a byline, as they have samples they can use to gain new clients. Bloggers are more likely to charge less when they have content to use for marketing purposes of their own.

As you gain a bigger budget, you can then come back to your blogger with requests to add the elements back in or increase the amount of content that’s created.

Negotiate with your wedding blogger for hire doesn’t need to be a headache. You need to be respectful and polite, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay more than you can afford. Know your maximum blogger budget. If a wedding blogger you’re interested in requires more, find out what you can get for your budget or respectfully move onto someone else.

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