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You’ve decided to hire a blogger to do your writing. That’s great, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your blog.

You still need a plan.

More than that, you need to be there to answer questions and direct your blogger. Yes, your blogger for hire will be able to create ideas and do the writing and posting, but she doesn’t know everything about your business.

When I’ve been hired in the past, I’ve had clients give me a keyword and that’s all. After that, they’ve just disappeared and then waited until I send the article. In the past I’ve done it, but I’ve refused for a couple of years now.

I want to interact with clients!

I want to get to know you!

I want more than just to write blog posts. I want to get to know who you are and what you want your blog to be about. After all, you need it to attract your customers/clients. It needs to show off your business in the best light.

The best way to do that is to have a plan. This can involve a schedule for posting, a plan of blog post ideas and even a plan for next year! Yes, I’ve worked with clients who know what they want to do for this time next year.

So, when you hire a blogger, you need a plan. It will really help and here’s why:

  1. Your blogger will get to know more about you and what you want from this blog
  2. You have more control over the blog topics—it’s your blog after all!
  3. You get to know your blogger for hire better
  4. You can work with your customers to share information that will really help them
  5. You know what is coming up with your business and can tailor your posts for that

It’s time to be in full control. Yes, hire a blogger to work on the writing but don’t leave it all up to her. She wants to get to know you and needs to know your plan of attack.

Not sure what that plan should be? When you hire a blogger, explain that. You can then discuss things with your blogger and she will advise you. She can even help to develop your current rough plan of attack.

Are you ready to take control? What’s your plan when you hire a blogger?

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