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Just how much is your freelance blogger going to charge you?
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Just how much do freelance bloggers charge? That’s something that all clients want to know before they start looking around for someone to do their work.

You may have heard that there are places to get 500 words of content for just $5. It seems like a good rate, right? Well, that can seriously affect the quality. There are highly experienced bloggers out there charging $300 for 300 words of content.

You’ll see now that there is no one certain rate that freelance bloggers charge. It depends on a number of factors that you need to be aware of.

The Experience They Have

The more experience someone has, the more they will charge for their work. That makes sense, right? I mean, the more experience someone has in the workplace, the more they are likely to be paid by their boss.

Those who are charging the hundred dollar rates are likely to have years of experience in online writing. This is a major benefit to you, as you can see from past posts I’ve written.

Does that mean someone with little experience is a bad idea? Not necessarily. You will need to consider samples and reviews to make sure you hire a good freelance blogger to help with your business.

Blogging About Technical Subjects Costs More

The more technical a subject is, the more money freelance bloggers charge. Part of this is about experience, as the blogger likely has some of the technical experience.

But part of this is also due to time.

Highly technical content means more time researching and writing. A blogger needs to be able to put food on the table and keep a roof over her family’s head. So, charging more to keep a good hourly rate is a necessity.

Bulk Discounts on Offer

Some freelance bloggers charge more for one-off pieces. If you order in bulk, you may see a discount.

You see, with bulk work, less research time is often needed. A blogger will be able to use one interview for three different blog posts in some cases. This is great news for you, since you get to save money and get all the content you need.

It’s worth discussing your needs with a freelance blogger first. Find out about any discounts available, and how those discounts work.

If the rate is already low, don’t expect large discounts. Remember about the time it takes to research and write your blog posts!

Other Tasks In the Writing

Do you expect specialist interviews with people in your field? Maybe you want help with your social media or keyword research.

The more you want from your blogger, the more she is going to charge. It takes more time to do these extra jobs, and that means the hourly rate decreases if the cost remains the same.

Be upfront about all the tasks you would like your blogger for hire to do. You can discuss the needs, and the terms of the contract to make sure it works for both of you.

One thing that I’m often asked is to arrange where to place guest posts. I often turn down this, unless the time for talking to various bloggers is paid for; even if the guest post isn’t approved. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into this part of the job. That’s why you’re outsourcing it out, right?

Quality, Time and Cheap

There is a triangle that I always remember when it comes to setting freelance writing rates. That triangle has three things that clients want: quality work, quick delivery and cheap rates.

You get to choose two of those three options. Do you want quality writing at a quicker speed? Then it’s not going to be cheap. Do you want quality writing at a low price? It’s not going to be quick. What about cheap and quick content? Well, you can forget about high quality, so I don’t think you really want that one.

It is worth looking around for the different rates that freelance bloggers charge. Some will offer content for as little as $5 or $10, but the more experienced bloggers opt for $300 rates. Remember the reasons for that, and think about that triangle and think about the two that you want.

What’s more important to you when it comes to the rates that freelance bloggers charge?

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