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Just how much is that freelance blogger worth for your content needs?

When looking for a freelance blogger for hire, it’s normal to have a budget in mind. You need to have a budget in mind to make sure you don’t run your own business into the ground. But how much is a freelance blogger worth?

All bloggers and writers charge different amounts. They charge an amount they believe they are worth, and an amount that they need to make sure they put food on the table and keep the roof over their heads. But should you pay the highest amount or the lowest amount?

It really depends on a number of factors. Here are some of the considerations you need to make to determine the true worth of a freelance blogger.

What Type of Writing Do You Want?

Some types of writing cost more than other types. For example, writing eBooks is going to take more hours in the day than writing blog posts. eBooks are also longer term projects. It’s normal for these to cost a lot more than say four blog posts a month.

Sales copy is another one that tends to cost more than other types of writing. Freelance bloggers have to develop certain skills to write compelling sales copy that will get you the leads and sales of your dreams.

So, when thinking about how much a freelance blogger is worth, you need to think about the type of content you want.

The Amount of Research Involved

In-depth research leads to longer hours writing. The freelance blogger needs to factor that in. With more research, your content is going to be worth more and it’s only fair that you pay for that.

If you want to keep the cost to a minimum, you could always do the research and provide everything the freelance blogger needs. However, do you really want to go through all the bad links online or do the research in the libraries? You need that time for other stuff, right? Think about how valuable those hours are to you, and just how valuable they are to the writer or blogger.

How Experienced Is the Freelance Blogger for Hire?

Experience brings a lot of value. Someone who is just starting out will still be learning the ropes of SEO and writing online. Someone who has 10 years + experience will already know most of it, will have seen all the changes, and will know the importance of high quality content.

A more experienced freelance blogger is worth more than someone just starting out. Think of it as if you were hiring someone. You would pay someone with more experience more than someone who had just graduated from college, right?

What Type of License Do You Want?

There are different types of licenses available. You could opt for the full, exclusive rights to the content or you may be happy with the usage rights. The latter is where others will be able to use the content as it is written, which can lead to duplicates online. The writer makes more from that one piece, so will charge less for those purchasing it.

However, you could want a ghost-writer. That is something the freelance blogger cannot use for her own portfolio since it doesn’t have her name attached to it. Many writers and bloggers charge more for that because of that fact.

Think about your license options and the type of usage you want for the content. It will change just how much it is worth for you.

How Long Are Your Blog Posts?

Blog posts can be anything from 100 words to thousands of words. Most writers recommend no more than 2,500 unless the topic really needs it, but recommend more than 350 to help with indexing on Google.

Longer blog posts are more engaging, mean you can add more detail and make it possible to sell more. It makes sense that these are worth more than the shorter ones. Of course, they’re not always the best option. It depends on your topic and type of content needs.

Think about the length when you’re wondering how much a freelance blogger is worth. Consider the time that a blogger has to put in to writing that quality content.

How Much Is the Content Worth to You?

A general rule is to think about how much this content is worth to you. That helps you determine the true worth of a freelance blogger.

If this content is going to make you hundreds of thousands over the course of the year, should you really only pay $5 for your content? Is $25 really worth it for the writer? There are freelance bloggers creating content for $300-$500 per blog post because the content really is worth that for the client.

Be honest with yourself. If you know the content is worth more, surely the blogger is too.

As a rule, respect the time and skill of the writer. There are many factors that affect the price of the content, but in the end the content is only worth what you think it is. Once you determine the value of the content, you can determine just how much the freelance blogger is worth.

Image from Pixabay, modified by Alexandria Ingham with PicMonkey

Content copyright Alexandria Ingham, 2014. All rights reserved.

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