Please note that this post may seem harsh. To be honest, some people need to read or hear harsh to realise the truth behind getting a $5 blog post.

You’re looking to hire a blogger but you don’t want to spend too much. After all, why should you when you’ve found people writing for $5 an article?

How Much Should You Budget for Your Writer Hire NeedsThese writers are even offering 500-1000 words for $5. What’s wrong with that? It’s perfect for your budget and why should you pay more than that? Okay, maybe you’ll pay $10 instead, but that’s still perfect, right?

Well, before you order that $5 blog post, I want to make you aware of some slight issues. Last week I looked at your writer for hire budget and explained why some writers charge more. This week I want to look at just what you’re getting for that $5 blog post.

You May Get an Native Writer With Little Experience

Let’s start off with the native English writers who are trying to make a bit of money on the side. These are usually the ones that will offer $5-$10 for 500-1000 word blog posts.

Why do they charge so little? Well, there are a few reasons. They:

Worry they’re not good enough

Just want a little bit of extra money

Don’t have the experience in online writing that others do

If you spend a little extra you could get someone who has the experience and the confidence. You have someone who will know your niche, how to use keyword phrases (and even search for them), and how to create compelling blog posts.

But shouldn’t you give a new writer a chance?

Sure. There’s nothing wrong with that! But do be aware that the writing may not be as good as a seasoned writer. And does being new really mean they’re not worth that little bit extra?

Just What Will You Get for That $5 Blog Post?

You May Get a Poorly Written Article

Even if you get a native speaker, there are high chances that the writing will be poor. At $5 per article, writers can really only spend 15 minutes maximum to create it. Any more time than that and the money isn’t going to be worth their time. They have to work hours to make minimum wage.

This is especially problematic in the Western World, where the cost of living is higher.

So, you get a poorly written article because the writer has had to rush. It’s full of grammatical and spelling errors and may not even be factually correct.

Sure, writers should treat all their clients the same. But think about your own customers. You’re more likely to put the effort into your higher paying clients because you value them more. They obviously value your time spent.

I’m sorry to say it but the majority of writers are the same.

You Run the Risk of a Bad ESL Writer

I’m not saying that all ESL writers are bad. Definitely not! I know many ESL writers who are better than native English speaking writers. In fact, it makes me cringe when I see people asking for native English speaking writers only because that doesn’t guarantee quality.

But the good ESL writers are going to charge more than $5 for blog posts. Some may charge $15, others $30, and there are some who charge $50. ESL writers are just like native English writers. They come with different skills sets and experience.

When you get a $5 blog post, you run the risk of a bad ESL writer. You may even hire someone who is part of an agency. The good writers share the samples and then the work is sent out to anyone and everyone. You could end up with a very bad writer who has spun an article.

What’s a spun article?

This is when an article is put into software, so the phrasing is changed. You get a unique article but it doesn’t make sense when read back. But the ESL writer doesn’t get this and sends it off anyway.

I will point out that this is a generalisation and say again that this isn’t all ESL writers. I want you to be aware of the dangers of a $5 blog post, though.

You Become Part of Reason Freelance Writers Are Struggling

I don’t want this post to come across preachy. If you only have a budget for a $5 blog post, you have to make a decision on whether to get it or try to find money elsewhere. You need to make the decision over whether to run the risk of bad writing or take on a new writer.

The problem is that you do become part of the reason freelance writers are struggling to make ends meet. Writing is a craft. Not everyone can pick up a pen or open a laptop and just start typing away. But we think we can.

I’ve spoken to many potential clients who think they can write just as well, if not better. They say they’re only outsourcing because of time constraints, but they don’t have the money for it.

Maybe they are just as good, but then they should know just how much time can go into creating compelling copy or intricate blog posts. They should understand that keyword and topic research both take time.

Freelance writers are struggling because not everyone does understand that. They believe that it’s just the words they’re paying for, and that shouldn’t cost more than a cent per word. There are plenty of other writers offering that. So, writers have to undercut each other just to get paid work but then they have to work long hours to put food on the table and keep the roof over their heads.

It’s a growing cycle. And when writers try to get out of that, potential clients want them to reduce their writing rates way back down. Writers are left producing sub-standard work for the low rates because they need to do more for their living.

That $5 blog post isn’t going to get you the content that you really want. Even new writers and ESL writers deserve to be paid so much more. It’s not just about a word count, but about the time and experience that goes into crafting beautiful content. Think about this the next time you want to get a $5 blog post.

Remember the saying “you get what you pay for.” Keep that in mind when you’re setting your writer hire budget and outsourcing your work. When you order a $5 blog post, that’s just what you get. Do you really think that sounds great?

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