outsourcing your workMany businesses will hire people to do various tasks. One of those is to write content. There is a misconception or belief that outsourcing your work is cheating. It’s time to lay down the facts.

My belief is that outsourcing anything isn’t cheating initially. It really depends on the type of work you’re outsourcing.

For example, a student outsourcing homework or essay writing is definitely cheating! I refuse to do any of this type of work. But hiring a tutor to help understand something better or to explain the question is definitely worthwhile.

Outsourcing your blog post writing, photography needs or even your accountancy tasks isn’t cheating. Here’s why.

There May Be Someone Better

If English isn’t your first language, there are high chances that there is a better writer out there. You want your blog posts to be readable, easy to understand and fun for the reader. If there are lots of run on sentences, they become tricky and annoying.

Even if English is your native language, it doesn’t mean you’re an expert. It’s like a writer wouldn’t necessarily have the knowledge in your area.

There is bound to be someone better at the job than you. Why should you struggle through something and not offer the best possible work for your customers? Why should you offer subpar content for readers?

You May Not Have Time

There are only so many hours in the day. Writing or taking photographs may be something you do in your spare time, but do you really have the time to do them for your business? Not necessarily!

And there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t have the time.

When you outsource your work, you have one less task to do. In some cases, you’ll have three, four, maybe 10 tasks you don’t need to worry about.

It’s time you need to spend on growing your business and engaging with your customers. Don’t spend it on tasks that others can do for you.

Others Enjoy Them More

Just because you can write or can do the accounts, doesn’t mean you want to! There are plenty of people who find these tasks boring and time consuming, and would rather spend their time elsewhere in the business.

Admitting that is the first stage. You see, there will be people who like to do the tasks. Freelance bloggers will do their work because they love it. Software developers love to put code together.

Enjoy the work you do, and allow others to enjoy the work they love.

Outsourcing your work isn’t cheating. There are people who will be able to tackle your tasks quicker and easier, and they’ll love doing them. You get more time to spend in your business where you want, and may even get to spend more time with your love ones.

Do you outsource tasks to others? Do you prefer to do work yourself because you view it as cheating? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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