I’m a fan of block scheduling for managing tasks. However, I don’t use it in the traditional way. There are many people in various groups and forums asking about block scheduling – what it is, how to do it, whether it works…etc.

Well, I’m going to share what it is and how I use it. I’ll also share the more preferred method by a few business coaches that I know or follow. You can then figure out the best way to use block scheduling for managing tasks.

block scheduling for managing tasks

What Exactly Is Block Scheduling?

The tool really is as it sounds. You schedule blocks of your time for individual tasks. It really is that simple.

How you schedule will differ depending on your needs and the way you work. But those who use block scheduling have the same goal: They want to get through similar tasks in one go to help improve their productivity.

Does block scheduling work?

Well, I’ve found that my way works for me. Others have found a way that works for them. When you do it to suit your needs and your business, then yes it definitely works.

The benefit of block scheduling for managing tasks is that you keep your mind focused on one type of task. You may spend the afternoon working on your Pinterest boards or the morning creating all your content for the week. Because you’re not switching between different types of tasks, you will find it easier to keep the flow and productivity going.

Task Management with Block Scheduling

How Should You Block Your Calendar?

You need to spend time deciding how you’re going to block your calendar for your tasks. This is where it takes time getting used to your tasks and knowing your business.

The majority of people who do block scheduling for managing tasks will block by day. For example, Mondays to Wednesdays will be client days, Thursdays will be website management days, and Fridays will be paperwork days. This is just an example. It depends on the tasks that you have and how you want to split your days up.

Whole days are reserved for specific needs. They will work their deadlines around their blocked days and make sure that they don’t mix and match tasks.

I tried this and it just didn’t work. I had to take a slight variation of block scheduling.

Rather than blocking out my days, I block out my hours. I will always work the same hours (unless there is an emergency) and make sure that my mornings are for my client work. This is when I’m most productive so get through client work much easier if I do it in the morning.

After lunch for the first two hours I’ll work on some news and entertainment pieces. I enjoy these but not as much as working on my blogs, so I want to get them out of the way.

When I’m least productive, I’ll work on my blogs. I enjoy the work more, so I’m more likely to get through it. The last tasks of the day are always history writing, some social media scheduling (if it’s not outsourced for the day), and planning for the next day.

This method of block scheduling for managing tasks works extremely well for me. A lot of the time I finish before 6pm, so I have time to do what I want or spend more time with my girls. There are a lot of days that I finish between 5pm and 5:30pm, giving me more time to work on some history stuff if I want or manage some other elements on my blog.

On Fridays, my block scheduling does look a little different. I keep client work to a minimum, as it’s my business management day. The morning is spent doing blog posts and the afternoon spent doing paperwork – it has to get done at some point!

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Will You Start Block Scheduling for Managing Tasks?

If you’re looking for a new way to manage your tasks, I recommend block scheduling. It is a powerful option, especially when you find a way that works for you. Some people will prefer full days, while others want to spend blocks of time on particular tasks.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to this method of task management. Find what works for you and run with it. You’ll find you’re far more productive when you do.

Do you use block scheduling for managing tasks? Feel free to share what you find works for you in the comments below!

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