best blog posts from freelancersHiring a freelance blogger or a blogging agency will mean you get content without putting in the effort. The problem is you have a certain type of blog post you may want. There’s a certain voice you want the writing to have, and a specific style you want everything written in.

On top of that, you need to make sure you get the best written blog posts possible. There are some who will write something riddled with spelling errors, or you may be worried about writing going completely off topic.

How do you ensure the blog posts from freelancers and agents really are the best possible? Here are five tips to help you.

Do Your Research

Start by learning as much as possible about any company or freelancer you’re considering. Find out more about how long individuals have been writing or how long companies have been in business. It’s also worth finding out where they are located. While non-native English speakers can have a great grasp of the English language, there are times that isn’t the case.

While researching into the company, look at reviews that others have left. This is more likely with agencies than freelancers. If someone has a bad experience, they are likely to tell others about it.

Check Out Samples and the Website

Asking for samples of content is highly recommended. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking directly to a freelance blogger or you’re talking with a representative from an agency. You need to see the writing style and make sure there are no glaring errors.

When it comes to samples from agencies, ask to see different types of samples. You want to make sure you get a range of writers as you never know who will work on your content.

Another way to see quality is to check out the website in detail. Is it riddled with spelling errors? This is a common problem I see on the likes of Fiverr. There are plenty of people offering content and say they offer error-free blog posts, but their gig descriptions are full of grammatical and spelling issues. What does that say about their writing? Are you willing to risk getting poorly written content?

Find Out About Niche Experience

Most freelancers will have specific niches that they have a lot of experience in. Some may only work in specific niches, such as technology, business or pregnancy. This is because they are comfortable writing within those niches and know they can offer you the best blog posts.

With agencies, you’re more likely to find that a range of niches are accepted. This is because they have a range of writers who can handle various niches comfortably.

It’s worth discussing experience within your specific niche. You want a writer who knows at least the basics; preferably more than this. There’s nothing wrong with asking for samples within a specific niche to make sure claims are genuine.

Give Full Details

When you do hire a freelance blogger or agency, you need to give full details of your needs. Be as clear as possible, especially when working with agencies. Emails can be passed through various writers and you want to make sure everyone can understand exactly what you want the first time.

With freelancers, consider a Skype or face-to-face meeting. I insist on both of these when someone hires me, because it helps me learn more about them and their project. I can sit down with them and go through all their needs and expectations; what they want to gain from their blog posts.

If you leave out details, you could find your content doesn’t quite live up to expectations. This is because people are mind-readers.

I’ve had individuals just give a keyword and expected an article written just from that. When it was delivered not quite on the topic they expected, they started acting rude and said my writing was poor. It’s unfortunate, but it is what happens when full details aren’t given; or even when a few details aren’t given!

Consider the Cost

You don’t need to find the most expensive freelancer out there, but you want to spend a little more than $5 for your content. Remember it’s all about quality. Those who write for little money will rush their work. They need to write as quickly as possible because time is money.

This is a business. There is the risk of copying and pasting when the cost is so low. You want someone who charges enough to justify their experience, is within your budget and has the time to offer the best quality.

When you do get quotes, there’s nothing wrong with finding out what goes into the work. How does the breakdown for the time work and how long should it take for the writer to finish the work?

Doing your research and asking plenty of questions is the best way to get the best freelancer or agency. From there, you need to make sure you give full details. If you can’t offer exactly what you want for your money, you won’t get the best blog posts from freelancers or agents, regardless of their skills.

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