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Is an in-house team of writers better for your business than outsourcing to freelance bloggers?

There are usually two options when it comes to blogging if you don’t want to do it yourself. You could have a team within your business or opt for outsourcing to a freelancer.

There are certainly pros and cons to both options. It really depends on your blogging needs and the type of content you need. So, which is better for you?

When You Need Constant Content

If you constantly need content, an in-house team option could be the better option. You could end up saving money because freelancers usually charge more than you would pay people hourly. Why? Well, freelancers have more costs to consider than your employees do.

However, if you only need a small amount of content every now and then, hiring freelancers could work out better. You only need to pay a freelancer when you need the content rather than pay your employees all the time they are in employment with you.

When You Need Specialized Content

Freelancers will not necessarily be specialized in your industry. They may not have the work experience or the knowledge to pull off the type of blog posts you need. Someone working within your company may be able to create the specialized content that you really need.

It really does depend on how technical your topic is and how specialized you want the blog posts to be. Good freelance bloggers will look into the details of research and create something that looks professionally written by someone with knowledge.

When You Need a Writer

Someone who works within your industry may have the knowledge but not the skill. One of the biggest benefits of freelance bloggers is they have the writing skills you need. This is often more important because people want content that they can read easily and understand.

Freelancers spend time developing their craft and finding ingenious and creative ways to get a point across. They also spend time learning about SEO and the different styles of writing.

When You Need Someone Quickly

You need someone to get a piece written like yesterday. It makes sense to have people in-house to deal with all that. But freelancers also offer rush rates. You could hire someone out of the office and still get it within your deadline.

One thing you have to consider when having someone in-house to do your content is you take them away from doing another task. How important is that other task? When you hire a freelancer, you don’t need to worry about that.

When You’re a Very Small Business

Do you even have the space for in-house bloggers? If you’re a very small company, you may be best hiring freelance bloggers to do all the content. You save money on regular wages, office space and other factors involved with hiring others.

Yes, freelancers can cost more at first. But you need to consider the bigger picture if cost is the only barrier for choosing between in-house writers and freelance bloggers.

The Best of Both Worlds

There is nothing stopping you from outsourcing some content but having in-house writers do the rest. This is something that many businesses opt for now, including media publications. It helps to keep fresh stories and blog posts, but will allow you to get the best of both worlds.

Which type of blogger suits your company better? Would an in-house team of writers work or are you best outsourcing to freelance bloggers?

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