When you hire a freelance blogger, you usually have two options. You can give someone a byline (as in it is clear it is their post) or get them to ghost write. Is ghost writing something you should consider for your blog?

Is it worth hiring a ghost writer?

Ghost writing is becoming a popular option for many businesses. It allows the owner time to do other things, without making it clear that they don’t do the blogging. The business owner can put any name they wish against the content.

This can allow the blog owner to make it look like multiple people are blogging through the use of multiple pen names. It can also allow them to add their own name to create a sense of authority around their own brand.

But is ghost writing something to consider? There are a few things to factor in before you hire a ghost writer.

It Can Cost More

ghost writing

Should you opt for ghost written content on your blog?
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Ghost writing often costs more than freelance blogging with a byline. This is because the writer can’t use the content for their own samples. There’s no proof they wrote the content.

When work can be used as samples, freelance bloggers are likely to charge a little less. They know that they gain some exposure benefits and can also use the content to gain other clients. There’s a chance they gain more than just the money they’re paid for the content.

Some bloggers set no difference in terms of price. In fact they can promote themselves as a ghost blogger rather than expecting a byline.

They May Ask for Recommendations

Because the writers aren’t going to get any samples from their writing, they may ask you leave a recommendation on LinkedIn or a testimonial on their website. This can give the game away that you’ve hired a freelance blogger to do your writing.

You don’t have to leave recommendations, but it could help to keep the cost down. Ghost writing recommendations can lead to more work for the freelance blogger. The bloggers won’t charge as much since there is the chance of getting work in the future from the job.

There May be Questions about Quality

It’s normal to worry about quality. If the blogger isn’t putting their own name on the content, will they put the same amount of effort in? A good blogger for hire will. You’re still paying for the content and you deserve quality. However, there are some low quality writers out there who won’t put in the same effort.

The low quality writers can have the view that the content isn’t going to effect them. Their name isn’t going to be associated with it in the future. They don’t worry about their own reputation.

However, good bloggers who offer ghost writing will offer good quality content. It’s important to find good quality writers at all times.

Ghost writing and hiring bloggers

You Can Feel Like You’re Lying

Some customers and readers may feel disappointed to hear that your blog is completely ghost written. They may have thought that you did it all yourself, especially if there is a personal element to it. This can lead to them finding someone else they feel they can trust more.

However, it’s worth remembering that even the greatest authors use bylines and there are plenty of memoirs that have been ghost written. This type of “lying” doesn’t have the negative connotations. It’s all about getting the best quality. If your blog posts help your readers, you will gain positive opinions regardless of who actually wrote the content.

Ghost writing could be something you choose for your blog. I offer both types of content and am happy to discuss your needs through email, phone, or Skype. Get in touch today via email and we can move from there.

Is ghost writing something your business could consider? Think about it carefully, as a ghost writer may not work out for you financially.

Note: this post was originally published on July 14, 2014. It was updated on August 12, 2017.

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