Over the years, I’ve perfected my writing schedule. As a business owner, a good writing schedule is essential for a succesful working day. But I don’t just want a successful day in the workplace. I want to have a good work life balance, which is where the Ideal Day Calendar comes into play.

Well, while my days are never perfect, the calendar has helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve with my business. It also helped me create balance with the family and find a time to look after myself. The calendar actually needs changing around a little, but that’s for another day.

Could an ideal day calendar help you get your work-life balance? Here’s a look at what it is and how it could help you.

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Set Out Your Ideal Day in Google Calendar

I made my ideal day in Google Calendar. I find the software easy to use and it’s possible to set up multiple calendars and then have them all visible on one page or separately. With the ideal day calendar, it doesn’t show up on my regular calendar but it’s easily accessible from my phone when I need a reminder.

It’s very simple and the clue is in the name: you set out what your ideal day would include. You can include the times that you’d like to make it to the gym, the times that you’ll work for clients, and even times that you will solely spend with your kids.

Don’t stress about not meeting all the targets in the goals. They’re your dreams and your aspirations. Some days the calendar will work out perfectly but there are other times that you need to make some slight changes.

The Ideal Day Calendar Will Help You Get Your Work-Life Balance

What’s the point in the calendar if you don’t have to stick to it? Well, it helps you create a work life balance.

For me it was an important step to acknowledge what was important. I had to decide how essential clients were within my business, what I wanted to do moving forward, and how much time I wanted to spend with my family. It gave me a clue of how much rates or course fees had to be to make sure I could stick to my day.

I set out how I wanted to get a work life balance to make sure that it was possible. Sometimes just seeing that it is possible is what you need to push yourself forward.

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Create Boundaries and Boost Your Business Success

One of the things that I’ve found by creating an ideal day business week is the ability to create boundaries. And I actually stick to these boundaries. I used to think about doing work later in the evening because there was something else going on. I worked from home, so why couldn’t I take control like that? The problem was that the work wouldn’t get done and then I’d begrudge having to spend more time the next day.

Now my family know the blocks of hours that I work. They know when I’ll be available to chat and spend time with them. I have very clear boundaries for them to know that if it’s work time that I will be working.

This has boosted my business success. I’ve had time for marketing and the time to work on growing the business. I don’t feel like I’m taking time away from my family, because the ideal business day is telling me that I’m in work time.

It isn’t difficult to create your ideal day calendar to get your work life balance. I use Google calendar because it’s easy and I have Google calendar on my phone. You could use a spreadsheet or opt for the calendar for iPhones. You could even use Trello! It’s completely up to you.

What’s your ideal day looking like? Do you get your work-life balance that you’ve always wanted?

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