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Is a freelance blogger better than a writing agency?
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When it comes to freelance writers there are two types. One is the freelancer who works on her own and the other is the freelancer who runs or works within a freelance writing team.

Like in-house teams vs. freelance bloggers there are pros and cons to both of these. You need to look into them to determine which will work for your business and outsourcing needs.

How Much Content Do You Have?

First thing is to think about the amount of content you want to have created. So you want 500 articles and blog posts each month? If so, one freelance writer isn’t going to be able to handle all of that. You could hire various freelancers but then you’ve got to handle different email addresses and different pricing structures.

With a writing team you have one point of contact and all your writing needs can be completed. You’ll also find that the cost is the same, and could even be less than hiring a single freelancer. Many of the teams offer lower rates because they’re able to handle more work at one time.

Do You Want Different Voices?

If you have smaller amounts of content, a solo freelancer could be a better option. This is also great if you’re looking into having one voice for the whole blog. Those who are looking into ghost writing will want the same voice across all posts and it is difficult for multiple writers to get that just right.

However, you may want different voices across your blog. This is especially the case if you’re giving the writers a byline. It’s easier to get that from a writing team.

Guaranteeing the Quality

One of the biggest downsides to a writing team is that you can’t guarantee the quality from each writer. One blogger may be great but the next time your work is passed to someone else. That second person may not have the same grasp on the English language.

With solo freelance bloggers you connect straight to that writer. You know you’ll get the same quality time and time again.

You can get around this one by requesting the same writer each time. But what happens if that writer moves onto somewhere else? And can you really guarantee that your wishes are honored?

Getting Someone Who Knows Your Niche

Writing teams are made up with different types of freelance bloggers and their in-house writers. That leads to one big benefit to you: there’s more chance of getting a professional writer who is knowledgeable in your niche.

This is great for you. There’s little worry about getting someone who gets the terminology wrong or doesn’t quite grasp a concept.

However, there’s no guarantee that there will be someone within the writing agency. At the same time, there’s no guarantee that your work will be passed onto that person if there is one. At least when you work with freelance bloggers, you can discuss all your needs upfront and know that they will do the research.

Do You Want a Relationship With Freelance Bloggers?

A professional relationship goes a long way to making sure you get the content you deserve and need. It is very difficult to create a relationship with an agency writer. You usually don’t even talk directly to the writer and have to go through your point of contact. There’s no way of knowing how that writer prefers to work—and then you could be passed onto another writer for a later project.

With freelance bloggers you contact them directly. You can get to know their likes and dislikes and see their specific content samples. It makes it much easier to get the content you need right away.

There are pros and cons to the different options out there. Freelance bloggers can offer a more personalized experience but writing teams can handle larger volumes and often at a lower price. Consider your exact needs to find the best option for your business.

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