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What other help can freelance bloggers offer you?
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You’re looking into a freelance blogger to write your blog posts. That’s great! It will really ease up some of your time.

Did you know freelance bloggers can ease up your time in other ways? There are many other tasks that a blogger is often capable of doing. One thing you need to remember is a blogger is a businessperson. She is already running her own freelancing business and deals with many of the tasks that you do on a daily basis.

While these extra tasks will cost you more on a monthly basis, here are other ways freelance bloggers can help you.

Help With the Content Posting and Formatting

Formatting blog posts is usually really easy. But what about the sales content, eBooks and all that other content? Well, that’s where freelance bloggers can help.

They usually have to do their own formatting anyway. So, they will be able to help you with this.

Formatting includes the use of different headings, using color within your posts and creating the buttons you need to get people to buy. It’ll also include the layout of your content and the images used.

Aid With Social Media Marketing

Do you really have time to market your business on social media? Do you even know how to do that? How about outsourcing that task to a blogger?

Most freelance bloggers deal with their own social media accounts. They will tweet, pin, stumble upon and do everything else that is out there on a daily basis.

If you don’t want them to handle your accounts, they can often offer tips on how to market your business properly. This can even stretch to other areas of marketing too. Talk to the freelance bloggers you’re looking into and find out about their expertise.

Offer Industry Specific Advice

In some cases, you may find a blogger how has experience within a specific industry. This is great if you work within that industry and need some advice.

Some freelance bloggers will share their advice or offer services connected to this. Not all will have these services on their website. You’ll need to discuss their experience and your own experience with them.

Help Mentor Your Freelance Writing Career

What if you want to break into freelance writing? You don’t want to hire a blogger to do the work for you! But you do need someone to help you deal with clients and help you navigate the world of freelance writing.

Well, experienced freelance bloggers can help. Many even have their own mentoring services available, whether you want a one-off chat or need regular help.

A freelance blogger for hire could help you out in so many ways. The list above doesn’t even cover them all as I’m sure there are areas that I’ve forgotten. It’s time to think about ways freelance bloggers can help you and consider your budget options to utilize them to the fullest.

Have you had experience working with freelance bloggers? Have you found they’ve helped in many ways that you never thought possible? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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