You’ve decided that you do need a freelance blogger for hire. After “umming” and “ahing” for the last few weeks or months, you know that you don’t want to write. And why should you when you don’t have to?

So now it’s come to hiring a blogger. You need to find the right blogger for you and now you’re stuck. You’ve typed in “freelance blogger for hire” into Google and come up with a long list of people hiring out their services. You’ve made it to Facebook and found even more. And then there are those that you probably haven’t come across yet because they’re just starting out.

Not to worry! This is where this blog post comes in handy. I’ll go through considerations that you need to make when hiring a blogger, whatever niche or needs you have.

Just a fair note: this post was originally written and posted on April 16, 2014. I’ve since updated it to add some more tips and advice on hiring a freelance blogger.

Freelance Blogger for Hire Tips

Don’t Only Rely on English as a First Language

I’ve got to admit that I cringe when I see people only wanting native English speakers. Some even say that they only want writers currently living in certain English speaking countries. This statement isn’t necessarily going to get you the best writer of the lot. There are so many people who have English as a second language who are far better than native English speakers.

I’m not sure if you realize but the importance of English in schools has gone way down. It’s only in actual English classes in England and Scotland that good grammar and correct spelling is even important. And I can’t tell you the amount of teachers who get the simplest things wrong!

The majority of native speakers wouldn’t be able to write a blog post to save your life. Not without some serious editing anyway. So, get away from the misconception that native English speakers will be better to hire. That’s not always the case.

Give everyone a fair chance. You’ll know right away from emails if they’re not the right writer for you!

Always Check Out Samples

Ask any freelance writer you consider for samples. Don’t ask them to write a fresh sample just for you (see here why you shouldn’t do that) but ask for previous blog posts or articles that they’ve written. You can ask for those samples within the niche that you’re in, but at first this is a good way of finding out about writing style and whether they really can write a worthwhile blog post.

If you want a personalized sample for you, talk to them about their rates. Find out what they would charge for this test article and be willing to pay for it upfront (or at least 50% of it).

You can also take to Google to find other content that they’ve written. Google their names and find out what comes up. Be prepared to work through some of the strange results that Google can bring up at times. When you Google my name you’ll see a few comments on blog posts that I’ve left in the past!

There may also be a samples page on the writer’s website. Writers want to give you a reason to hire them! When you look through these samples, remember that each of their clients will have had their own style guide and requirements. If you want something that’s the exact same, you’ll want to ask about rates for something like that.

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Talk About Experience With Writing

Experience isn’t essential. A new writer could be so fresh on the scene that she has the creativity to give your blog everything it needs.

However, experience is good for the handling of keywords and the knowledge of what makes things work. They can also write pieces quicker with no errors and handle more work.

You could also talk about the experience in working within your niche. Many writers will have other backgrounds. For example, I have a background in systems testing, web design and computer programming. I also have experience in wedding planning, and baking and weight loss.

These experiences will lend themselves to your content. The writer knows what he or she is talking about.

I highly recommend hiring a writer who specializes in your niche. I worked as a general blogger for hire and that wasn’t always necessarily a good thing (for me or clients). I’d get requests content that I didn’t always understood or wasn’t comfortable doing.  Personally I declined jobs that I didn’t feel like I could do, but I could have saved everyone time and hassle.

Now that I’m branding myself as a wedding and lifestyle blogger for hire, I make it clear what do right away. If you’re looking for an automotive writer, you’ll know that this isn’t the place to get the best quality work. But if you want someone with work at home mom experience or clips in personal finance, you will have more confidence that I can deliver.

Discuss Over the Phone/Skype

I love talking to my clients on Skype. It gives me the chance to really chat to them, instead of trying to judge expressions over email.

I really recommend talking to potential writers over the phone or on Skype. It’s a great way to find out their passions and get into the discussion of experience and skill.

This is also great for the writer. A freelance blogger for hire will be able to ask all the questions needed about your project and business. They can hear your style, and that helps make sure it comes across in the posts.

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Hire for a Smaller Project

I rarely take on contracts that are longer than three months. Why? A lot changes in that time.

I recommend you trial a freelance blogger for a short project. Spend two months or so creating and developing the content, and see how it works for your blog. You’re not going to see an instant success, but you should start to see results. You will also get to know the writer better, along with his or her style.

From there, you can decide whether to hire the blogger for another project, or continue the work with an extended contract.

Be aware, the shorter contracts also work in your writer’s favor. He or she may decide that the project isn’t something that can be done comfortably, or may want to raise the rates afterwards.

It isn’t that hard to choose a freelance blogger for hire. The trick is to find someone who has already written within your niche, and has samples ready to view. From there, you can talk about your project and get an idea of whether this is the perfect writer for your project needs.

If you need someone who does have experience in a wide range of niches, please do contact me. I’d love to help, and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you need to hire a wedding blogger or are you looking for a lifestyle freelance blogger for hire? Feel free to get in touch with me today and lets discuss your project!

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