You don’t just need to find one blogger for hire. There are many writers out there who will be capable of handling different aspects of your project.

When you hire two writers at the same time, you can get the exact skills you need. One writer may be great with the blog writing, while another is perfect for sales copy or white papers. Some writers have expertise in certain niches, so you may want to find multiple writers for your different business niches.

Can You Hire Two Writers at the Same Time? Tips for Outsourcing to Multiple PeopleBut when you do outsource to multiple people, you need to stay organised. It’s way to easy to lose track of the work you’ve given to individual writers and you run the risk of getting the same content twice. Here are my tips when you hire two writers for your blogging needs.

Have Them Working on Different Aspects

Maybe you have different niches within your business or want them to work on different types of writing. Either is great. You can keep your writers separate to avoid any crossover of topics or identical posts.

Create a spread sheet or use Trello for managing the projects. You can add in the writers’ names to their own boards or have them all in the same board with different cards to work on.

You may even have the writers working on different elements of the same piece. One writer could come up with the blog post title and pitch for a publication, while the other does the actual writing. This allows you to still separate your projects for the two writers to avoid confusion.

Don’t Pit Them Against Each Other

We’ve all been through it in school. Most people hate to be pitted against each other, especially when it comes to something creative. The problem with creativity is that it’s subjective, so pitting two bloggers against each other doesn’t really work that well.

With some writers, you run the risk of substandard work as they can’t just enjoy what they’re writing. Other writers may charge more when being forced to “audition” for a piece, because there’s less chance of them getting work in the future.

It’s difficult to know what you would like in your writing, which makes it near impossible for the writers to get pieces just right. What are you going to compare them on, anyway? The number of revisions they need? The way they write their content? Maybe the way that the topic is developed or the extras the writer is able to offer.

Keep Track of the Work

Remain organised even after you’ve hired your two bloggers. You’ll need to make sure you have a track of all the pieces the writers have done. This helps you develop future topics and make sure the writers will be able to deliver.

And don’t forget keeping track of invoicing, payments, and all the rest of the paperwork that comes with outsourcing. You need to be able to prove the amount of money you’ve spent for tax purposes and will want to be ready in case there’s an issue.

Also, don’t forget to keep track of any details of your writers that will help with assigning projects. You may have found a writer who has a depth of knowledge about local history, which is perfect for one of your projects. Other writers may have specifications, like not being able to complete a project within 24 hours.

You can hire two writers for your projects. You could even hire more! The trick is to be organised when you do this to make sure you get the best for your business.

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