Once you start outsourcing, you’ll be hooked. You realize that you have more time to yourself and to other parts of your business, and you want even more. Now that you have a blogger for hire, you want someone who can handle social media and other jobs.

Did you know that there are some bloggers for hire who will also do other tasks? Some are VAs and others are social media specialists.

But that doesn’t mean you will always get that. There are some who specialize purely in blogging, offering the best quality content. Before you start asking about social media promotion, make sure your blogger for hire is able to help. From there, you can start negotiating prices and needs.

Here are some considerations to make when finding a blogger for hire who can do social media marketing.

Can a blogger for hire help with social media?

Bloggers Understand Social Media Marketing

The majority of bloggers for hire will understand the way social media marketing works. They need to use it for their own content, and make sure they use it effectively.

Some writers were social media experts initially, and then moved into content marketing afterwards. Others just simply picked up all the tools of the trade along the way.

If they don’t understand something, they’re more likely to learn it. It will help them in the long run anyway.

However, don’t expect a blogger to know every single social network out there. There are new ones added all the time. Your blogger may be able to help with Facebook and Instagram, but not necessarily Pinterest and Twitter.

Two Jobs in One

Something you need to remember is that you’re hiring one person to do two jobs at once. It is important to think about pay for that.

When you hire a freelance blogger, they will have a rate that they charge for your project. It could be $100 for 500 words, or they may have a package deal of $400 for five posts throughout the month. This rate is for the research, any interviews, the writing, and then the proofreading of your content. If you want images or videos added, fees are usually added on top.

Would you really want to add social media marketing into your own job for the same pay? Of course not! And your blogger for hire doesn’t want to either.

It takes up more time, and your writer needs to think of his or her hourly rate. That means charging more.

Ask about costs if you’re interested. If they’re too high, ask about how you can lower that cost to something within your budget. You can also do some research to find out what other social media marketers charge to see if the extra costs are fair.

Outsourcing Mastery: How to Build a Thriving Internet Business with an Army of Freelancers

Should You Hire a Blogger for Social Media?

Now you need to decide whether you should hire one person to do both. There are certainly benefits—such as dealing with one payment each month for all the tasks. You can even get a discount compared to hiring two individuals.

However, you do run the risk of the blogger not understanding everything about social media. I wouldn’t have a clue about Instagram, but I am able to help with the majority of other social media platforms.

There are many benefits to hiring a specific social media specialist, who will be able to build your traffic and make sure the best hashtags and titles are used on the various platforms. They’ll know where your target audience is likely to be and the best way to utilize the platforms to your advantage.

Something you may want to consider is hiring new people if your blogger leaves. If you’ve hired that blogger for social media too, you will have two positions that you need to refill. If you’ve hired two separate people and one leaves, at least you only need to replace one.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a blogger for hire for your social media marketing too. Some are highly qualified and will get your company on the top. However, there are downsides to this, and you really need to think about the best decision for your company.

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Note: This post was published on June 4, 2014. It was updated on May 17, 2017.

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