All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

This saying is so true and something that you need to keep in mind. You see, your business needs you to have a work life balance. It needs you to find some enjoyment outside of work. You won’t be a better business owner by making your life all about your business, growing it, and developing connections.

If you’re stuck in a rut with work, consider making a few changes to your overall life. Here’s why your business needs you to have a work life balance right now.

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Your Employees/Freelancers Will Be Happier

Putting your employees first is essential. If you don’t have employees, then your freelancers’ happiness is essential. Happy people make better businesses. They are far more productive and will actually want to get the work done.

When someone feels valued, they become more loyal to the place they work. They know that you put them first, so they are likely to put you first in their lives. Your customers will notice how happy your freelancers and employees are and note that you are a good employer to have around. Your customers want to see you succeed because of this, so they remain loyal to your business.

Happier employees will also get more work done. They don’t feel the drain throughout the day and find ways to pick their energy levels up.

Wait, how does you having a work life balance help to ensure employee happiness? If you notice the benefits you gain by having a work life balance, then you will make sure your employees have that too. If you work all the time, you’re more likely to expect the same from your employees or freelancers.

You Attract the Top Talent in Your Industry

Not only do you want happy people working for you, but you also want the best people. Some of these top people in your industry could need flexible working for small kids. They may want more holiday periods to fit around their families and recharge their batteries.

An employer who respects work life balance is more likely to be open to discussing this. You show that you put an importance on family and life, so the top people in the industry will know that you will respect their importance on it.

Once you get the top talent, you will find it easier to retain them. At the same time, you get people begging to be employees or freelancers for your business.

Nobody Burns Out, Pulling the Business Down

The last thing your business needs is you or someone important suffering from burn out. This is especially the case if you’re like me and run the majority of your business yourself.

Back in 2011 and 2012 I worked constantly. I barely took a break and within months I’d be run down and fed up. I’d be in pain and need to take a week or two off to recover. Then I’d go right back to it and the cycle would repeat.

When I took maternity leave, I had the chance to look back at how I worked and what I wanted from it. I needed to change for the sake of my daughter. So I started taking more time off.

I felt worlds better for doing this.

The times I had to take off meant my business suffered. There was nobody marketing, nobody getting in touch with potential clients. I found it hard to make ends meet. Now that I take regular breaks here and there and spend time with my family I’m able to make a living and enjoy life. My business has succeeded and I’m able to grow it rather than keep it afloat.

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You’re More Likely to Enjoy Your Work

When you have time away from the office, you have time to step away from all the business problems. You can take your mind off some of the negatives and recharge your batteries.

Your business needs you to have a work life balance for this reason, because without work enjoyment you won’t care about your business. If you don’t really care about the business, you’ll find it harder to push forward with decisions. You’re not as likely to care about your customers or help your business grow.

There are times that you’ll wonder why you do it, but the family time will remind you of all the benefits.

There’s Be More Creativity in the Workplace

Remember that you have more enjoyment in your work when you take time off? Well, getting that work life balance will also help you become more creative. You’ll problems in a different light.

There are plenty of movies where someone suffering a problem at work gets inspiration from the world around them. Their kids may play a game with their toys, but the parent sees something else. They see their business problem and the solution playing out in front of them.

You’ll be surprised where the creativity comes from. But you need to give it a chance.

Let’s also remember that burnout is an issue if you don’t get that work life balance. When you’re burnt out, your body just tries to get you from one day to the next. All creativity shuts down. There’s no inspiration anywhere, and even if there was you just don’t care! When you’re pumped and recharged, your creative will fuel your fire.

It’s time to create a work life balance. Stop what you’re doing and make a commitment to changing the way you work. Your business needs you to have a work life balance right now—and so do your employees and freelancers!

Let me help you get that work life balance. Hire me as your blogger and content writer. I can even manage your whole content schedule and posting for you if you need! Get in touch now to discuss your needs.

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