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What will you do when your blogger raises her prices?
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Every now and then a blogger raises rates on his or her services. All businesses raise their rates now and then, so it’s understandable that a freelance blogger for hire will do this. After all, the cost of living is on the rise.

But you might not be able to afford those rates.

You may not even want to pay those rates. What happens if that’s the case? Can you negotiate a lower rate?

Here are some tips to help you.

Be Upfront With the Blogger

When your blogger raises rates for his or her work, be upfront about your disappointment. He or she will expect you to be disappointed. After all, no-one wants to pay more for services.

Your blogger for hire will be apologetic, but sometimes the raising of rates will be out of his or her control. However, that doesn’t mean a blogger wants to lose you as a client.

If you’re upfront about not wanting the rate increase or not being able to afford it, you may find the blogger is willing to keep it at the original rate for the time being. However, don’t expect it to remain at this rate forever. Eventually, you will have to move onto the next steps.

Negotiate a Different Rate Increase

If you can’t get the blogger to keep the rate the same, negotiate a different rate increase. Work with the blogger to only raise the rates half of the original intended amount. Some bloggers will be open to this negotiation because it means keeping you as a client.

It will depend on the rate of the increase, though. When your blogger raises rates, it may be at the lowest increase already possible. He or she will explain that when it comes to the negotiating.

Look for Another Blogger

If you’re still not happy with accepting the increased rate, you will need to look for another blogger for hire. There are others out there who will charge less.

However, there are other factors involved. Are the other bloggers for hire as good as your current one? Do they know your business and will they offer high quality content for your needs? The increase in rate may be worth it when you get the best customer service and quality of work.

Remember that you avoided the cheaper bloggers for a reason. This still applies now.

Reduce the Amount of Work You Have

If you want to stick with the same blogger but can’t afford the full increase, another option is to reduce the amount of work you offer. This will, in turn, reduce the amount you need to pay.

Many bloggers will be open to this. It keeps the work within your budget, and means they have a client paying the new rate. One thing you have to be careful with, though, is reducing the amount of work to the point where it’s pointless getting anything written.

Those are your four main options when a blogger raises rates that you can’t or don’t want to pay. Of course, your final option is to accept the rate and stick with the same amount of work. Is your freelance blogger for hire worth the new rate?

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