Just how many jobs can you give your blogger for hire? What about passing on your blogging calendar creation to the person doing your content?

Should Your Blogger Create Your Blogging Calendar?

There are pros and cons to allowing your blogger to do all this work for you. But that doesn’t mean there’s a wrong or right answer. It’s really what you feel comfortable with and how closely you’re willing to work with your blogger for hire in the early stages.

Here’s a look at whether you should let your blogger create your blogging calendar.

The Pros of Outsourcing Blogging Calendars

  1. You’ll have less work to do when it come to blogging.
  2. Your blogger will know if content is valuable to your readers.
  3. Changes can be made quickly by the blogger depending on responses to recent posts.
  4. Your blogger can build on recent post ideas.
  5. It’s easier to create a series of posts to improve reader engagement.
  6. If your blogger has access to the blogging stats, they can see whether posts are doing well and make changes quickly if things are working out.

The Cons of Outsourcing Your Blogging Calendar Creation

  1. You’ll need to spend time discussing your business to make sure your blogger understands it all. Writing based on your ideas tends to be easier for some.
  2. You know your customers better, so will be able to choose content to suit them better.
  3. You may have had email conversations with customers that you want to create into blog posts. Your blogger won’t necessarily know about this.
  4. If your blogger goes off track with posts, you’ll need to rein it in. That means keeping an eye on the blogger.
  5. It could mean a lot of back and forth communication with your blogger, especially in the earlier stages.
  6. If only you have access to the blogging stats, you’ll need to keep an eye on them and communicate more with your blogger rather than just sending topics.

Having a blogging calendar is essential. But it’s up to you who creates it. I’m always more than happy to learn more about the business to be able to create a blogging calendar when acting as a blogger for hire. But I can also do it the other way round.

This is something that really is completely up to you when it comes to outsourcing your blogging needs.

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