hiring freelance bloggersI find a lot of people recommending micro-job sites like Fiverr for hiring freelance bloggers. One “guru” (I won’t name names) was once boasting about how she would get thousands of words for just $5.

While they can be good, there are some downsides to these sites. There are a lot of inexperienced writers that just aren’t worth the $5, let alone any extra. The great writers aren’t just going to charge $5 for 1,000 words or more. If you want an eBook written, you’ll find that you could still have to pay $100 or so to get it completed.

So, with that in mind, are micro-job sites any good for hiring freelance bloggers? Here’s some considerations to make.

You Need to Be Willing to Research

Anyone looking for a freelance blogger needs to do their research. It really doesn’t matter if it’s on a micro-job site or not. With these $5-$10 sites, it is even more important. There are high chances that you’ll find people who can’t spell well or struggle to put a sentence together in the right way.

The truth is, a lot of the people offering their services on Fiverr are not native English speakers. Some are even high schools students that just don’t have the command over the English language to create a compelling article, blog post or eBook. They don’t have the skills to do the relevant research.

Finding out more about anyone you’re considering hiring is important. This means looking at feedback—and all feedback!—and sending messages to the writers to find out if they can handle a project your size. It’s also worth looking through the gig description. Chances are that if their gig description is full of grammatical errors, their articles will be.

Run the Risk of Copied Work

I’m not going to lie. There are plenty of writers everywhere offering copied work. But this is more likely to happen on micro-job sites.

There’s one simple reason for this: the time it takes to complete an article compared to the price you’re paying. People want to get through orders as quickly as possible, so they will find ways

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around it.

One of the ways is to simply copy and paste. Of course, most buyers are growing wise to this. The second way is to put the content through an article spinner. This makes the piece unique in terms of Copyscape, but it doesn’t quite get rid of plagiarism issues.

You’re going to be the one who gets hit with the copyright notice if you use something that isn’t yours. Ignorance isn’t a defence.

Quality Over Price

In many cases, you’re sacrificing quality for the cost. Think about it for a minute. How long will it take someone to write 500 words of content? This involves research, proofreading and any revisions. It’s going to take most people at least half an hour, and that depends on the topic. Would you be willing to offer your best possible work for $10 an hour minimum?

Chances are you’re going to get a rushed piece of work. You may not even get a fully researched article or blog post.

If you really want quality over quantity, you need to consider paying more. Freelance bloggers are worth much more than $5 per piece. Those that are offering their work for such low prices may not have the full confidence in their abilities. Or they aren’t offering the best possible work.

So, let’s ask that questions again. Are micro-job sites any good for hiring freelance bloggers? What do you think? While you may get content for a little amount, you run the risk of a lot of problems. Writers are trying to get work finished quickly, and that leads to problems with quality and copyright.

Do you use micro-job sites to hire bloggers? Maybe you’re a writer on one of these sites. Feel free to share your feedback and comments in the section below.

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