If you’re looking for aingham69 on Fiverr, you’ve come to the right place. Recently, I decided to go on an extended break from the micro-gig site. I won’t go into the reasons why, but just know that I don’t like the whole Fiverr setup. So, I’ve decided to leave.

And if Fiverr reads this, I guess my account is going to get deleted because I’m taking work “off Fiverr.” Gotcha…

Anyway, if you’re looking for me on the site and you’ve drawn a blank, this is where I’m at. And until March 31, 2020 I have an offer. You can get my Fiverr gigs at the same price right here. After that, my prices will be going up to the full price, unless you’ve already booked in as a client.

There is a catch so I know you originally found me through Fiverr. You’ll need to tell me who you were on Fiverr and what type of business we had together. I’d also need to know the gig that you’d be ordering through. I had a few, so I know this could be tricky. If you could just give me some sort of idea of the gig so I know you’re legit.

I’ll also be able to say whether or not I actually still write within that niche. After all, Fiverr has the terrible system of forcing sellers to do work that they wouldn’t actually want to do. All a buyer had to do was order a gig. The seller had to then either do the work or cancel, and that cancellation would affect their rate and cause them to be demoted. It was just easier to do the job.

Since I don’t have an automatic order system on my site, I’m not going to accept every single job that comes through. However, there are some topics I’m more than happy to cover that I’ve done in the past, especially if it connects to social media/online tips for parents of teenagers, home improvement topics, and the women’s lifestyle niche.

As I said, this offer is disappearing after March 31, 2020. I’ll also remove this blog post as soon as the offer has expired.

If you didn’t find me as aingham69 on Fiverr and want to work with me, please do get in touch. I can offer a discount until March 31, 2020. We’ll need to talk about your project to get an idea of what you want first.

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