You hired someone for your blog project, and now you think it may be time to break up with your blogger. A blogger breakup doesn’t mean you’re upset with their work. The content may just not speak to your target audience, your blogger may be going in a direction you don’t want, or you could just not want to keep outsourcing your blogging anymore.

Here are seven signs it’s time to break up with your blogger.

#1. They’re Not Delivering on Time

This is a major problem. If your freelance blogger isn’t delivering on time, it should be sending some major red flags. This means you’re not meeting your blogging deadlines and it could affect your customer/client base.

Let me just say that a one-off missed delivery isn’t a bad thing. Your blogger may have a genuine reason and if you know they’re usually capable of handing in projects on time then you’ll want to stick with them. However, if they’ve become lazy or have a habit of delivering late, you may want to consider letting them go.

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Find a writer or blogger who can deliver on time. Look out for someone with a reputation for being professional.

There may be another reason your blogger isn’t delivering on time. You may have high expectations and they don’t have the time to deliver. This is something we’ll cover in a later sign it’s time to break up with your blogger.

#2. They Don’t Speak to Your Target Audience

Your content needs to speak to your target audience. It needs to be written in a language and style they expect. It needs to answer questions your target audience has and definitely needs to convert well in terms of click-throughs to over pages of your blog.

If your content doesn’t speak to your target audience, you need to assess why. It could be that your blogger isn’t the right person for the job. They don’t understand who your audience is and the type of blog posts that work for them.

Don’t break up with your blogger right away. If they’re loyal and produce good quality work, consider working with them to create better content for your audience. Discuss the issue and see if they’re willing to change.

If they get defensive over their work, this is a bad sign and you want to move on. A good blogger will listen to your concerns and look to remedy the situation.

#3. They Don’t Produce Quality Content

Your content speaks to your audience but it isn’t written well enough. You’re constantly editing grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. You’ve even found sections that are plagiarised.

Unless it’s a one-off from a reputable blogger (yes, we all have bad days) then you’ll want to break up with your blogger right away.

In the case of plagiarism, it would depend on the amount. Is it a quote that’s come up that hasn’t been properly attributed? Maybe it’s the ingredients list in a recipe you wanted to share. Is it a whole blog post that was copied from someone else? The amount and reason for plagiarism may affect your decision.

If it’s a whole piece, you want to get rid of the blogger right away.


Time to break up with your blogger signs#4. They Constantly Need Direction and Help

Is your blogger constantly coming to you for help with their articles? This could be a sign it’s time to break up with them. After all, they’re stopping you from working and the whole point of outsourcing is so you don’t worry about it.

The only time this could be acceptable (unless you’ve suddenly changed system or they’re very new to your company) is if they’re looking at getting to know your target audience better. They want to make sure the content speaks volumes to the right people.

Assess whether you need to find a more qualified blogger.

#5. You Want to Hire a Blogger Full Time

Sometimes you don’t want to outsource anymore. You want to hire an in-house blogger to tackle all the work. This is definitely a sign you want to break up with your blogger. After all, you’ll have no need for them when you have an employee.

Before you do break up with your blogger, consider discussing the opportunity with them. This is especially good if you get on well with your blogger and they’ve worked with you for months or years. Taking them on full time will allow you more time to your business. There’s no need to train someone else up.

If your blogger isn’t interested in working full time for one company (I’d suggest making it clear that what they do outside of the hours they work for you is up to them, so they can continue freelancing on the side) then ask if they can train the new person on the website and blog schedule. This frees up your time.

You can always keep the blogger on standby for any extra work or when your in-house blogger goes away on holiday.

You may not actually want to take on someone full time in house, but increase the workload. If your blogger can’t handle that workload (remember they freelance and have multiple clients) then you’ll want to consider finding another blogger.

#6. Their New Rates Are Too High

Bloggers will increase their writing rate. This is standard and often happens on a yearly basis. Now you need to determine if you can afford the new rates.

Don’t worry if you can’t. It’s a sign that you need to break up with your blogger and find someone within your budget. Your blogger for hire will understand, and may offer to stick to the lower rates temporarily while you find someone new. They may even be able to help you find someone to replace them.

Here are a few tips on handling a writer raising their rates.

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#7. They’re a Nightmare to Work With

While the quality of the work is good, the blogger in general is a nightmare to work with. They don’t listen to feedback and definitely don’t make changes when you ask. In fact, when someone does make a change to their content, they get right in there and change it back.

Other troublesome signs are bloggers who have no respect for you or anyone else within your team. They just want to focus on their own tasks and aren’t even willing to make minor edits. Nightmare bloggers can also be short and snappy in replies to comments on your blog.

You want to find someone who is pleasant to work with. It’s important to be happy with the person on the other end of the computer; and not just in their work quality.

These seven signs are among some of the signs I’ve used to determine whether to breakup with someone I’ve outsourced to. It could be time to break up with your blogger. When you do, make sure you follow these steps to protect your site afterwards.

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