You want to hire a lifestyle blogger for your company or your blog. It’s important to find someone who can manage the writing and posting on your site, so you have time for everything else.

But where do you start? Just what do you need from a lifestyle blogger for hire?

Don’t worry too much. Finding a good blogger for your lifestyle blog isn’t that hard. Here are five tips to help narrow down your choices, so you only have the best of the best for your outsourcing budget.

Narrow Down Your Lifestyle Needs

Lifestyle is a broad niche. Do you offer minimalist or frugal tips? Are your blog posts for young women looking for health and beauty tips? Maybe you want to focus on finance, travel, or home organisation.

There’s so much to cover, which means you need to narrow down your needs. This will help you quickly narrow down your lifestyle blogger options.

Weed out those that cover nothing to do with your exact niche. Look for those that will speak volumes to your audience. This work at the start will pay off in the end.

I’m a lifestyle blogger, with more of a focus on travel, finances, and health/wellness. I do have experience in skin care and beauty topics, but the former three are my more expert areas.

Check Out the Work

Always ask any blogger for hire for samples. Good bloggers won’t have a problem sharing their past work. This could be as a Word or PDF document through their site or they may have a page with links to their past work.

Writers who have a range of sites their work has been published on is a good idea of abilities. It shows they can follow different style guides and needs.

Don’t ask a blogger to write a fresh sample for you for free. Even just 100-200 words suggests that you don’t really value their work. This is also a trick by some to get free work, and it will set off red flags for bloggers.

Of course, asking for a paid sample is absolutely fine if you find the current samples just don’t help you enough!

Finding the perfect lifestyle blogger for hire

Find Out About Experience

Talk to the blogger about the experience they have. At this stage, I usually like to talk to potential clients face to face through Skype or even in a meeting. It’s a chance to ask all questions on both ends and get to know more about each other. There is a little that disappears in text.

Don’t feel pressured into doing a Skype call. If that doesn’t work for you, stick to email or try to arrange an instant messaging. I use Google Hangouts and Skype with clients for quick messages, and Slack is becoming a preferred option for a small number.

While you’re finding out about experience, you want to know about both general blogging and lifestyle blogging experience. Don’t ask questions that you could get from a blog. Some of the most obvious questions will usually be answered on the About Me page or in an FAQ on the site.

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Find Out What the Lifestyle Blogger Can Do for You

Hiring a blogger isn’t just about giving someone work. You need to make sure it’s the right blogger for your exact needs. The best way to do that is to find out what the lifestyle blogger can do for you.

There will be some standard answers for blogging. They’ll help you build your audience on your blog, create some emails for your newsletter, and even help find keywords and use them efficiently.

But what else can the blogger do? Can your blogger create images for you? Will they help with full SEO and promotion? Are they an expert in a particular order or have a following that is worth paying extra for?

Get an Idea of Their Writer Rates

Once you have narrowed your options down, it’s time to find out more about writer rates. After all, you need to make sure the lifestyle blogger for hire is affordable.

Don’t gawp at their rates. They’re set at a certain amount for a reason. Sure, you can negotiate but be polite and thoughtful in this. It’s business for both of you; not a way to get content as cheaply as possible. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for.”

The cheapest writer isn’t necessarily going to be the best. Look out for bloggers who will offer more or have more experience. If they’re out of your outsourcing budget, discuss your options to be able to hire them.

Are you ready to find the perfect lifestyle blogger for your blogging needs? Get started with your list of lifestyle niches and start your Google search. You will find someone that suits you.

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