Spring forward isn’t just a time of year to lose an hour in the day. Daylight savings time is a chance for renewal and rebirth. It’s a time to focus on the fresh and grow your business.

Yes, you can spring forward in your business. Here are five tips to manage it, while still getting a life with your family.

Opt for a Complete Rebrand

There’s nothing wrong with rebranding your business. Actually, there are times that it can be super helpful. I’ve recently rebranded all my blogs, this one the most. I’ve given them fresh looks and focused on branding colours and specific niches.

While I did it before the spring, you could wait until spring forward. Use this time now to plan your next steps and decide what you’re going to change. Make sure you do have a plan in place, so your rebranding is even and has a project deadline. You’ll find it easier to market about your rebranding afterwards.

If you don’t want a complete rebrand, you could opt for a mini one. Just focus on making a few colour changes or get some new headshots to update your website.

spring forward in your business

Get Some New Furniture for the Office

Instead of focusing on the website, focus on your working space. Opt for a spring clean and get some new furniture. You’ll be surprised at the way it revitalises you and gets you back in the mood to work.

You’ll feel fresher and brighter. Everything feels new and shiny and you’ll want to put all the new equipment or furniture to good use.

If you don’t want a completely new office, look at changing the layout. Consider changing the way you have everything sitting so that you get more light and cleaner air to the areas that you work.

Plan to Work Smarter

Change the way that you work when you spring ahead. The point is to work smarter and not harder. That means you get more done in a smaller amount of time. You make more money without having to work those 60 hour weeks.

This is easier said than done. I know that you’ll find it difficult to keep your weeks to 30-40 hours now and then. However, as you practice is more and find ways around some of the tasks that you do, you’ll find it easier to work smarter.

Use the spring forward as a time to start change. It’s all about rebirth remember!

Hire Someone New or Outsource Some Work

If you currently try to do it all yourself, make a few changes to the way that you work. This links to the working smarter. Instead of trying to be the social media guy, the blogger, the CEO, and the admin staff, opt for outsourcing some of your work or hiring others in-house.

You’ll need to consider your budget. The spring is a good time to look at your finances and work out where things can change. You can then get to work on finding someone to outsource to.

Outsourcing Mastery: How to Build a Thriving Internet Business with an Army of Freelancers

Offer Something New to Your Customers

Your customers or your clients will love to see something new. They like to see that word in your marketing materials. It catches eyes and people want to know what exactly it is.

It doesn’t even need to be something big. A small change is still something new to your business. It could be that rebrand or it could be a new course or product that you’re offering.

Plan to launch after the clocks spring forward, so you spring forward in your business at the same time.

In the USA and Canada, spring forward happens on Sunday. In the UK, it happens the last Sunday in March. Don’t make it just about the clocks. Spring forward in your business too!

If outsourcing your blogging is something you’re doing to spring forward in your business this year, get in touch to find out how I can help. I offer a range of packages for wedding, lifestyle, and parenting blogs.

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