creating an editorial calendar

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Having a plan is still important, even if you hire a blogger to do the writing. Part of the planning for blogs is an editorial calendar.

This is a great way to set up a plan of attack for the week, the month and even the year. You can pencil in blog titles and make sure you get posts up in time for specific times of the year.

To help you with creating an editorial calendar for the first time here are five tips.

Download a Calendar to Start With

While you can do it all with spreadsheets and your own diary, there’s not really much point when there are already so many calendars created. They are also available to download for free.

Creating an editorial calendar from scratch can take time. When you download a pre-created one, the important dates are already noted and there are often tips to help you choose the topics based on specific times of year.

Find Out What Your Community Wants

There’s no point in putting blogging title ideas down if they don’t help your community. One of the things to do right now is research your community. Find out what readers want from your blog. What type of questions are they more likely to have when it comes to your topic?

You don’t need titles for every single day or week right now. Just get a good selection of questions and ideas. You’ll soon find that you get a few blog title ideas from just the one question. There are times when there are multiple answers, after all!

Consider Themes and Series

While creating an editorial calendar, think about the themes or series that you can do. This is a great way to get a collection of ideas rolling, and will really help your readers.

You can introduce your next topic and even share a post to tell people all about the series that is coming up. At the end, you can have a roundup post to collect all the links together and make it easier for people following your series.

Consider a series of questions that people have on your topic, or an area that most people worry about for your series.

Remember Weekly Roundups

If you post on a daily basis, it is easy to worry about ideas. It’s also easy for readers to start missing days, some without realizing. Consider adding a weekly roundup post when creating your editorial calendar.

Set the weekly roundup for the same day each week. And make sure this is one that is sent to your whole email list on the day.

Add Your Social Media Plans

Your editorial calendar isn’t just a chance to add your blog post ideas. It’s a chance to add your plans for social media, and any links that you want to include. This is also a great chance to think about networks that you want to build and relationships you want to make.

Many pre-created calendars will have a section for all this. There may even be a section for the email that you will be sending out that week or month.

Creating an editorial calendar doesn’t have to be scary. There are a lot of options already available online. Creating one will really help your blogging efforts next year, even if you do hire a freelance blogger to do the writing for you.

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