Whatever type of business you have and whatever size it is, there are five tasks that you can outsource. These tasks to outsource right now are ones that are draining your time. They’re taking you away from other tasks that genuinely need your attention. They’re taking you away from your customers.

So, it’s time to get outsourcing right now to save yourself some time. Here are the top five tasks to outsource starting today.

Email Management and Replying

While there are times that you want to personally send an email, you don’t need to handle it all. In fact, sifting through your emails is taking up your day. Yes, it really is.

You can set certain times of the day to check your emails, but do you realistically stick to that? And do you really feel like you should check more than once or twice a day?

Why not outsource email management to a virtual assistant. They can go through all the spam and make sure it’s cleared out. They’ll delete the trash and reply to anyone who needs an immediate response.

You still have some control. If you’ve signed up to email lists, you can still check them. But you get rid of the clog in your accounts.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Like your email, your social media is taking up your time. Wouldn’t it be better if you could take a step back and block all social media accounts from your computer? But you can’t because you need them for your business.

Well, it’s time to get rid of that task from your day. This is one of the tasks to outsource immediately because you definitely won’t miss it (unless you’re a social media manager, of course).

Your manager will be able to reply to others, create pin-worthy images, and utilise every platform for your needs. This is also something a virtual assistant could do. Make sure you check the differences between a VA and a social media manager to get the right person for your needs.

Blog Post Creation and Management

This is where I can help you. Blogging is time consuming. You need to create a content calendar, write the post, do all the research, find the images, and post your content.

Then there’s scheduling future content and reply to comments your readers leave. It can take hours of your time without really feeling like it’s worth it if you don’t like writing.

I love it. It’s my passion and I enjoy turning what initially seem like mundane topics into something exciting and creative.

Good content is essential as part of a strong marketing strategy. Don’t try to start it yourself. Let an expert handle it all and get the content and SEO just right.

File and Storage Organisation

Do you really want to go through all those files on your computer to make sure they’re filed properly? Does managing your Excel files with blog links and social media accounts really sound that interesting?

Chances are that these really aren’t what you want to do. You don’t need to do any of it either.

A virtual admin assistant will be able to take care of the time consuming tasks for you. Create time to spend talking to your customers and launching your new products.

Graphic Design and Creation

Social media images aren’t the only ones you’ll need. You will need a logo, some graphics for your website, infographics to share with people, and much more.

It takes time to learn software. Then you have to find images that you can legally use and put them together with words that make them stand out. It’s not easy and it definitely isn’t fun.

Why not outsource the task to a graphic designer or virtual assistant? Spend the time where you want and grow your business, instead.

Yes, all the tasks above need doing. That doesn’t mean they need to be done by you. These are five tasks to outsource right now. Take up the benefits of outsourcing and grow your business immediately.

Do you need help with blogging and other content creation? These are tasks to outsource to me directly. Let me help you grow your business today!

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