Are you busy blogging but feel like nobody is listening to you? Do you spend your time avoiding your own website because you feel it looks dated and bland? Maybe you’re worried that the right message isn’t getting across.

If you’re avoiding your website, what do you think your target audience is doing? Look at your view count to see if your views have dropped or if they’re just not quite where you want them to be. It could be time to revamp your blog. Here’s a look at the XX signs that I always look for on a yearly basis to see if it’s time to do a blog revamp.

revamping your blog

Nobody Is Returning to Your Blog

You may still get new views, but what about the number of returning visitors? This is just as important as new views. When you see people are returning, you know that they like your content and are interested in the things you have to say. If people aren’t returning, it suggests that your blog isn’t covering everything they need.

You’ll find out your returning audience through Google Analytics. I check the stats of my blog on a weekly basis. I’ll put in all the numbers on a spreadsheet for the new and returning and then see the percentage of returning people based on the stats of the new.

I aim for at least 25% of people returning to my blog. I would like to have 40%+, though. If I drop consistently below 25% I know that it’s time to do a revamp.

This doesn’t mean a complete change of the blog. I look at the content I offer and things I’ve changed from when I had the 25%. I look at the layout, make sure the website is responsive, and find out more about what my target audience want. Sometimes it’s a change of focus on the content but sometimes it does mean a complete revamp of the website.

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Your Bounce Rate Is High

Your returning numbers are important, but your bounce rate will also tell you if it’s time to revamp your blog. This is something you’ll want to keep track of on a weekly basis. Again, it’s a figure you’ll see on Google Analytics.

I like my bounce rate to be under 70%. 70-80% is a warning for me and is when I start looking at things I need to change. If it reaches consistently above 80% then I will look at bigger changes to revamp.

Your bounce rate is going to affect your positioning in the search results. The rate is calculated by the number of people who visit your site and then click the back button. You want people to click on links on your site and go to other pages. If they click the back button immediately then they tell the search engines that you’re not relevant to their needs.

Revamp your blog to avoid the back button being pushed. You won’t regret it.

You’ve Got a Dated Look

Your content may be excellent, but nobody really reads it if your website looks dated. I can’t tell you the amount of websites I come across that still have that 90s look.

The styles of websites change regularly. Every few years you’ll want to take a look at the site layout and see if things need changing. At one time side bars were on both sides of the website. Now they’re preferred on the right side or not at all!

You’ll also want to make sure your site is suitable for mobile devices. If you have WordPress this is really easy. You can choose a theme that is already mobile responsive. This means the site will immediately change to a mobile view for those with smaller screens.

Dated looks will turn people away. If you’re avoiding looking at your blog because you feel it’s dated, that should be a warning sign. Revamp your blog and get into the 21st century.

Signs to revamp your blog

People Are Telling You It Needs a Makeover

Listen to your audience. They’re the people who matter when it comes to your website.

If they’re telling you that there are too many ads, that the pop-ups are annoying, or that they just feel overwhelmed with your website, they want you to change. In fact, the need you to change. It’s good that they’re telling you, since they want to read your content. People who don’t care about your content will just click away and never return.

Continually ignoring people about your website layout will lead to them walking away. They don’t feel like they matter, so why should they stick around for you?

Your Message or Focus Has Changed

There are times that what you want to say will change. Your target audience will change and you need to change your content and your website because of that.

This is something I’m currently going through with one of my websites. The type of content I want to offer is changing. I’ve noticed that certain types of content do better than others and I want to focus on those better topics more. This will mean a complete overhaul of the website, which takes time but it perfect for a fresh start.

Don’t be afraid to do this. It will take time to rebuild your audience, especially if you find you need a fresh marketing strategy. Your changes will be worth it in the end.

Look out for the signs that it’s time to revamp your blog. This is one of the best things you could do for your business and your search results.

Do you need help to revamp your blog? Check out my hire me page for all my packages to help with content needs. If you can’t find exactly what you need, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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