I know that money will be an issue for you outsourcing your blog content. Just recently I had a potential client get annoyed because I wouldn’t lower my rate way below my minimum standards. This was a man who made no move up from the original amount that I quoted, so wasn’t interested in fair pay. He just wanted as much as he could get for very little and I wasn’t willing to do it.

It left a bad taste in my mouth. And it followed by another problem potential client wanted unrealistic deadlines for a lower pay. In other words, I wouldn’t have been able to plan my diary or take a day off at all!

Rather than make bloggers regret ever getting in touch with you, it’s important to look at your options. You can save money outsourcing your blog content, but you need to do it respectively.

Here are my tips from a blogger view to save money without making bloggers feel like they’re wasting their time.

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Start by Cutting Back on the Amount You’re Outsourcing

You want to outsource your blogging, your social media, and your image source and you want the blogger you hire to do it all. That’s fine. There are certainly bloggers that will do this. But the blogger is not going to do it all for the same price as pure blogging.

I know a lot of bloggers who quote per word. It’s easier, because a client can rearrange expectations based on this. However, when you start adding in other aspects, bloggers start quoting per project or per hour to make sure they are fairly compensated.

If you want the per word rate, you will get whatever the writer has offered within that rate. If that’s just a blog post written then you can’t kick up a fuss when it doesn’t include images, social media posts, and videos. When you want them, you’ll need to ask for a full project rate.

Not everyone will be able to afford the full project rate, so start cutting back. Which parts do you desperately need included from your outsourcing right now? As you start to build a relationship and gain more of a budget, you can add other elements in then.

Reduce the Amount that You Order

You want eight blog posts per month but you only have the budget for four. You may find that some bloggers for hire are willing to half their rate for a month or two months, but they’re not going to do that every month. Their rate is a minimum they need to get the job done and put food on the table.

Some bloggers won’t even consider cutting their rate in half. They may offer to do six per month but not the full eight.

Now you need to decide what’s more important. All eight blog posts or the blogger for hire. When you decide you really want the blogger, then you need to consider lowering the amount that you want to order each month.

As you grow your blog and your business, you can add more content in when you have the funds. One a week is sometimes just right to start!

Reduce the Amount of Words

How about cutting down the amount of words that you want your blog posts to be? Reducing from 2,000 words to 1,000 words will see you get a 50% reduction in the price. That’s still a good amount to produce quality content.

If you want the full 2,000, you can always add to it the next month. Or you can go back to step two and half the amount of content that you order.

When you’re not sure about blogging, start with the lower amount. This will give you and your blogger a chance to trial a few things and get to know each other, without risking too much of your marketing budget.

Outsourcing Your Blog Content Tips

Consider Hiring a Less Experienced Blogger

You could save money outsourcing your blog content by changing the type of blogger you hire. Find someone who is less experienced or doesn’t focus purely on a niche. Of course, there are some risks and downsides to this.

Hiring a blogger with less experience could mean hiring someone with low quality work. However, they may just have started and not had the chance to share their excellent skills, so they offer low rates to get some clients and testimonials. That’s how I started! It could be worth the risk to keep your marketing budget down.

When you hire a generalised blogger, you take away the niche expertise. This could mean the content is scaled back to just the bare minimum and doesn’t offer value to the readers. At the same time, the quality could be perfect and the blogger just has a range of interests and experience.

If you’re going to opt for a less experience blogger or someone who doesn’t specialise in a niche, ask for samples and take a look at the emails they provide. This will be an excellent way to determine how serious and how much of a risk they are.

Please Don’t Attack Bloggers for Their Rates

A freelance blogger has the right to charge whatever they want for their skills and experience. You have every right to either accept or decline that rate. If you’re going to decline but want that blogger, consider other ways that you can save money outsourcing your blog content. Think about reducing the amount that you want or the length of content that you want.

If you do decline, please do it politely. It isn’t the blogger’s fault that you don’t currently have the budget or are unwilling to pay the rates. It’s not necessarily your fault and just an annoying situation, but the blogger for hire doesn’t deserve to be shouted at because they are too expensive. You wouldn’t go to Harrods and complain that you can’t afford a designer suit and demand it at Primark prices, would you?

Use the tips above to reduce the cost of the quote from a blogger and save money on outsourcing your blog content. If you would like to chat about your outsourcing needs, please get in touch today!

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