I’m going to be very honest with you. You don’t have time to blog and you’re not the only one. Every business owner has something that they don’t have time to do.

In my case it’s social media. There are other elements that I don’t really have time for but right now I have to make time for it. But you don’t have to. You can outsource your blogging and let someone else deal with it instead.

And you should! Blogging is taking up way too much time and your blogging plan isn’t exactly going to schedule.

Don’t believe me that you need a blogger for hire? Here are four reasons you don’t have time to blog.

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Every Other Aspect of Business Needs You

Okay, so there may be other areas that you currently outsource anyway. But there are other elements of your business that need your undivided attention. And they need that attention right now – right this second.

If you’re blogging, you can’t give your business the time it needs. You can work on your branding or on your marketing. You’re stuck inside copy and content that you just don’t like.

Blogging can take up hours in a day. A well-written blog post will usually take at least an hour and that’s from someone who writes for a living. It’s not just the writing, but the research, the proofreading, the image creation, the link building, and so much more! There is a lot of behind the scenes work that you won’t get until you start trying to blog.

Well, why put the time into this area when you don’t have to? Why sacrifice your time on other aspects of your business need you when you really don’t need to?

Your Employees Need Your Attention

It’s not just your business that needs you. Your employees are in need of attention, and not because they need an ego boost or have no work.

If you’re too busy blogging, you don’t have the time to nurture those who are working for you. There’s no time to set up clear strategies to give them work that will actually help to push your business forward.

Employees with no direction feel like they’re trapped. They don’t feel valued, even if you definitely do value them. You need to show it with attention, with meetings, with a plan of attack that works for all.

It’s time to put your blogging to one side and focus on your employees more. Make them happy in the workplace and they will send your business soaring.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up blogging entirely. I’m just making a point that you don’t have time to blog. There are bloggers for hire who will do all the work for you.

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Customers Want to Know You’re Interested

Your customers/clients need your attention, too. This could be one of the more important elements – although all three work together as a triangle.

Customers need to know you’re interested and listening. When they have a complaint, they need to know that you are taking all steps possible to make it right. They don’t want to wait a week for a response, only to find that you’ve added four blog posts in that time.

When customers don’t feel valued, they will start to walk. Unlike your employees, they can walk much sooner and easier. They just find your competitors and do business with them. And you will never get those customers back.

The Learning Takes Up More Time

Blogging requires constantly learning. There are also new SEO changes and social media changes. Writers need to be aware of how to get content ranked, where to place keyword phrases, and the best types of blog posts and articles to craft.

And then there are images and content calendars to create. There’s the commenting afterwards and building relationships with others to get guest posts created.

Needless to say, this is timely work. Do you really want to keep putting that time in? Of course not! You don’t even have the time to blog.

You need someone who does have the time to learn – someone whose job it is to learn all the new stuff and be ahead of the game. A good blogger is worth their weight in gold.

you don't have time to blog

Hire a Blogger Instead

It’s time to make some changes to your business model, especially your marketing. You don’t have time to blog and you know deep down that’s true. But you also know how valuable blogging is.

So, you need to find someone who does have the time and the knowledge to make blogging work. If you need a wedding blogger, lifestyle blogger, or parenting blogger, get in touch for your FREE discovery call. We’ll be able to discuss your project and determine if I’m the right blogger for hire for your needs. I will help you get your time back.

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