When you’re hiring a freelance blogger, you want the best. But how do you tell that you’ve found the best?

A blogger’s blog is one of the greatest places to check. Here you can make sure the blogger followers all the good blogging habits. If they’re not doing it on their own blog, why would they do it on yours?

Here are four

good blogging habits

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good blogging habits to look out for before hiring someone.

They Blog Regularly

Unless a blogger has gotten to the point of being extremely famous, she is going to blog regularly. Even those who are at the point of being extremely famous will still offer new content on a regular basis. Just not as regularly.

Regular blog updates will mean something different for everyone. Some bloggers will blog on a daily basis, while others will blog weekly or monthly. Whatever the duration between blogs is, you should see that there is some sort of schedule there.

Why is regular blogging so important? It helps to keep people interested. New content is always available and that brings new readers. It’s also good for the search engines as they see that you are keeping the website updated and it will be relevant to searchers.

The Content Is Useful, Interesting and Engaging

One of the good blogging habits that you need to check is that the content is always interesting and engaging. Being useful is a good factor but this really does depend on the style of the blog. For example, a poetry blog may not seem useful but the work still needs to be engaging and interesting to get readers and keep them.

When it comes to non-fiction business blogs, make sure the content is useful. The last thing you want to see is a bunch of fluff to pad out word count. Everything written needs to answer the question or solve the problem the title promises.

The Writer Stays on Topic

How well does the blogger stay on the topic? This is extremely important. Going off topic just drives readers away, which increases the bounce rate. This then affects the search engine ranking.

But what about topics that lead into another one? Well, good blogging habits would lead to that blogger writing about the new topic in a new blog post.

Finding Relevant and Legal Images

Images are great for blogs. They help with search engine optimization and social media sharing. The problem is you can’t just put any image up there.

Look through blog posts and see the type of images that bloggers use. Are they relevant to the post? For example, if the blog is talking about communication, does the picture tell you that just from glancing at it?

Second of all, make sure it is legal. You can’t always tell this just from looking at it. You’ll need to look for any caption that tells you where the image came from and then find out whether it is a stock image or something someone took. You still can’t always tell whether it’s legal, but you do get a good idea.

Look through the blog to make sure the person you’re considering hiring is following good blogging habits. If she does on her blog, it is a positive thing for your own.

What other good blogging habits do you look for when hiring a blogger? What habits do you get into as a blogger that you expect someone you’re hiring to follow?

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