You’ve had an email pitch from a new writer. This person doesn’t have experience in online writing but believes they’d help your blog.

Should you hire a new writer? Would you do better with a more experienced wordsmith?

The truth is getting a new writer may be worth your while. Just because they don’t have experience in blogging online doesn’t mean they can’t do it. They need that one person to put their faith in them and help them gain the experience.

Hiring a new writer could actually help you with your blog. Here are three ways.

Should You Ever Hire a New Writer? 3 Reasons One May Help

Help You Stick to a Small Budget

I don’t advocate not paying a writer’s rate, but it’s tricky hiring a new writer. You don’t know if they are worth the money they ask.

One of the benefits is that you can negotiate rates to help stick within a small budget. The writers want experience, so they’re more likely willing to reduce their rates slightly, even just for five pieces or so.

You’ll find it easier to negotiate down with a new writer than you will with an experienced writer. An experienced one doesn’t need you—they can get other clients confidently. A new writer may struggle to find that one person to give them a chance.

In some cases you may get one free piece, but you’ll have to do something for them too. Consider back links and bylines and a testimonial for their site. Don’t expect and never ask for a free writing sample, though! And don’t just use the new writer for free content. Have the intention of hiring them if they prove to be good.

The rule with free content is that if you’re happy enough to put that on your blog, you’re happy with the work and happy to hire them.

Easier to Mould

How often have you had an experienced writer who just hasn’t quite done the content the way you want? You want something that is purely in your voice and works specifically for your company.

It’s harder to get this with an experience writer. They’ll have their own voice and will often have experience in SEO and content writing. While they want to help your blog grow, they don’t always focus on exactly what you want.

A new writer is easier to mould. They’ve not gotten into other habits from various sites and they don’t always know the old ways of SEO. Newer writers will be more willing to listen to research that you have.

That being said, if you don’t know much then an experienced writer may help you more.

Bring in New Perspectives

Hiring a new writer can help to bring a new perspective. The writers haven’t developed a block on creative titles that some pros may have. New writers won’t get stuck on one track for style.

When you want to bring fresh content and a fresh voice, you’ll find it easier with someone who is just getting started. They’ll be excited to work with you and want to help grow their brand. The best way they do that is by growing your business, so they’ll think outside the box.

Is it time to hire new writers? Could this be the best business decision you could make? Have you hired new writers in the past? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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