Do I really need to hire a freelance blogger? Isn’t that just an extra cost?

I know you’re asking these questions. You’re not the only one and I’m definitely not judging you. I get it! As a business owner, I understand that you want to do it all yourself. You know your business more than anyone else could, right? Why would you want to outsource any of your tasks?

The simple answer is TIME.

When you hire a freelance blogger you get your time back, while they’re dealing with your content. There’s no need to research keywords, put together a content calendar, or even add in tags and meta descriptions if you don’t want. A freelance blogger can pick up a dying blog and bring new life to it. They can start a new one from scratch if you want.

While they do that, you get to spend the time wherever you want. Still not sure you want to spend money on outsourcing to a freelance blogger? Here are four reasons you need to hire a freelance blogger today!

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Create Time for Your Business

Your skills aren’t in writing. I’ve actually just had this conversation with my husband. While he’s trying to get his website off the ground and I’m working on my own, we’ve found we’re not using our skills where we excel. He’s trying to do the content creation, even though he’s better as a social media manager or admin VA. I’m the writer — that’s where I excel.

You’re in the same situation. Your clients love you because you understand their needs. But you’ve spent so long writing content that you’ve forgotten about them. Customer care has slipped and you’re not out there marketing for more clients. And your blog isn’t picking up the new clients that you hoped it would.

It’s really due to a lack of time. You need to spend the hours you’ve put in your business elsewhere. You need to spend the time in marketing, dealing with customers, working with your employees and much more.

When you hire a freelance blogger, you get those hours back. Why worry about that part of the business when you can hand it off to someone else? Sure you’re paying them hundreds of dollars a month for the work, but you’re making that back ten-fold by putting yourself where you business really needs you.

Update Your Blog Regularly

One post isn’t going to help your blog. You need to get a few up there to start with, and then create a regular schedule. That tells Google that your site is active, and it tells people reading it that you do care about giving them information.

Do you remember that issue with time? When you don’t have enough, things in the business suffer. You may find that your great blogging idea has suffered. It doesn’t get the traction needed, and it ends up dying in some corner of cyberspace.

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The best way to revitalize your blog is by hiring a blogger. A freelancer will have the time to spend caring for your blog. It can just involve the writing, but you could pay a little extra to get the social media sharing, the commenting and the behind-the-scenes work that really helps a blog take off.

Just think about the audience that you could have. Soon, that freelance blogger you hired is the best person in your life. You’re generating far more income than you ever dreamed, justifying the cost of hiring a blogger.

You Don’t Like Blogging

Is blogging something you really like doing?

You hear all the time about why you should blog, but that doesn’t change your opinion of it. Writing is just a waste of time. You’ve got so much stuff to learn, and stringing a few sentences together may not be your strong point.

When you hire a freelance blogger you don’t need to deal with liking it. There’s no need to do research or understand more about building your audience. Your blogger can do it all for you.

You get the best of both worlds: a successful blog without the need to ever like or put up with doing it.

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Let Your Employees Get Back to Their Jobs

You’ve possibly handed the task of blogging to someone who works for you. While this sounded like a great idea at the time, you’re months in and your blog has gained no traction.

In fact, do you even have a blog?

That employee is not necessarily the right person for the job. Remember all that stuff you would have needed to learn? Your employee has needed to learn it instead. This is taking the employee away from the task that you originally hired him to do.

It doesn’t mean you need to get a new employee in. A freelance blogger can help to keep the cost down. You don’t need to pay taxes as long as the blogger remains a contractor, and you don’t need to worry about them learning more while they should be doing something else for your business. You’re only hiring them for the blogging (and maybe the social media if the contract stretches that far).

Let your employees do the jobs they signed up for, and give your freelance blogger the work she’s great at!

Still wondering whether you need to hire a freelance blogger? Or do you now want to find one for hire? Feel free to contact me about your blogging needs. I love blogging and writing, and I’d love to work with you to get your business where it deserves to be.

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Why You Need to Hire a Freelance Blogger

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